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 生涯孤独という人生、子どもを授からなかった人生、離婚する人生、いろんな人生がありますよね。案外人生行路は、生まれる前から決まっているのかもしれませんよ。人間も含めて生物は遺伝子通りにストーリーの上を完璧に歩いているように思います。別れても別れても次の恋愛対象になる人はなぜか同じような人になったりします。死に方もすでに決まっているんじゃないですかね。子どもや孫に見守られながら亡くなる人もいれば、誰にも看取られず一人で死ぬ人もいます。孤独死が怖いという人は、看取ってくれる人がいないという寂しさが怖いのかもしれません。また、誰にも看取られなかったために成仏できないかもしれないということが怖いのでしょうか? 私は死後の世界はあると思います。もちろんそれがどんなところなのかは知りません。悪人正機説にあるように、私は悪人も善人もすべての人が同じところにいくのだと信じています。地獄はありません。あるのは天国だけです。肉体から解放された意識が自然界に帰るのだと思います。
 天国はどこにあるのでしょう? それは今私がパソコンを使っているここ、あなたが仕事をしているそこ、家族が夕食を食べているダイニングキッチン、宇宙に広がるすべての空間に同時に存在している、という内容を本で読んだことがあります。肉体を捨てても今までと変わりなく、見たり、聞いたり、香りを嗅いだり、触れたり、味わったりできる、と私は信じています。死ぬときに看取る人がいるかいないかに関わらず、肉体のない次の世界は天国ですから大丈夫。

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To someone having a fear of lonely death

Almost all people die alone. Excepting a person committing a double suicide, everybody dies alone. There is nobody who dies with you. Fundamentally, human is lonely. By the way, I don’t care if I die alone or not.

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 It is said that men and women who don’t marry have increased recently. There are rare cases where a person with no spouse and children dies alone in their rooms. I want to advise a person finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend to marry early so that he or she doesn’t die alone. They will have a terrible time if they get married in a hurry.
 There are different lives: living a solitary, having no child, marriage destined to divorce. The path of life may be surprisingly destined before we are born. Including a human, I think that all creatures live on the stories planned by genes; every time a couple gets divorced, they find the same partner as they have lived before. I am wondering if the way of dying is already decided, aren’t I? Some people are with their children and grandchildren at your bedside until the end of their life. Other people have nobody who takes care of them. People being afraid of an unattended death might be scared of having nobody who takes care of them. Or I wonder they are worried about not entering nirvana because they have no people to look after them. I believe in the existence of the next world. Of course, I don’t know how the next world is. As written in the Akuninshokisetu, all people, including sound and evil people, go to the same world after they die. The hell doesn’t exist. Only heaven exists. The consciousness freed from the body goes back to nature.
 Where does heaven exist? The book says that it exists here that I am using the PC, there you are working, at the dining kitchen the families members are having the dinner, and all space spreading through in the universe. I believe that we can look, hear, smell, feel on the skin, and taste, even after we throw our bodies away. You don’t have to worry about the next world after death because only heaven exists whether you have someone who takes care of you or not when you die.

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