子供のために離婚したくない人へ・To those who don’t want to divorce for their children

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To those who don’t want to divorce for their children

A wife and a husband are strangers to each other. So they have lots of things they don’t admit to each other.  They grew up in entirely different environments and parents. They never find something until they marry. They have an enormous gap between a wife’s idea and a husband’s idea. When they think that living together is impossible, I often find that they say, “we will not divorce for our children or money.” It is true we couldn’t live without money. But can they live together lifelong even though they cannot love each other? It is a problem.

To those who don’t want to divorce for their children

 I feel like it is better to think “they will divorce for their children.” than “they will not divorce for their children.” The children will never be happy because they see their parents be on bad terms with each other. They had better talk about what they dislike each other if they still have to talk. If they have reached a level that they feel sick and stay cannot together, it is hell to live together lifelong. Their children have a high possibility of becoming emotionally unstable persons. Even though they become a fatherless family or become a motherless family, they had better live a happy life. In the case of a woman of a fatherless family without a marketable skill, specialty, and even working experience, the matter of money weighs heavily on her shoulders. Taking advantage of their parent’s home, getting vocational training, and using whatever they can use, I think they can follow a healthy path to beat away. They would have a hard time raising their children by themselves. But they would have a more challenging time devoting their life to a creepy husband. Maybe, everyone hopes that everything is safe for a married woman; they will get a husband’s pension after they retired, and they will get a bereaved family pension after they passed away. But everyone could not always enjoy a normal lifestyle. I’m also a person of them. There was a time when I have turned adrift without enough money to raise my son. I have experienced working. But I don’t have a marketable skill and specialty. Then, I made a painful decision. Staying at my parent’s home, studying so hard, I challenged National Nursing Examination. I became to be able to do everything an average family can do. While living, everyone might encounter an imaginable hard time. So, especially women should be independent before they marry.

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