Funny conveyor-belt sushi restaurant

I will talk about a sushi restaurant with lasting memories. I don’t have any photos of it because I have not begun Steemit yet at that time. Curiosity overcame fear, and I went to the restaurant with my family. That was a really shocking restaurant as the rumors say. I would not dare to tell the restaurant’s name. But I have seen a terrible situation of that restaurant on internet.


When we stepped in the restaurant, an old employee lady, who seemed to be from Silver Human Resource Center, said “Good evening sir, let’s see, I’m wondering which seat I will take you to.” Good evening?? This restaurant is quiet today. There are lots of vacant seats. He directed us to our table. It was an open booths.

“I’m very glad. It is very quiet even though it’ a little past noon.” My mother said. My son was overwhelmed by the number of old employee. An old man staff’s hand was trembling. Cerebral stroke?

I set three plates in front of us, and pored soy source into each. Let’s eat! At that time, our eyes caught a very strange scenery! A plate with two sharis without any sushi topping was coming. I could not help laughing. I already knew it through rumors…..

We were eating normal sushi for a while. BUT, funny sushi began to come one after another. Sharis and sushi toppings were scattered on a plate, It is like catastrophic scars a typhoon left!

I couldn’t but laugh to see that weird situation. Laughter made me throw up sushi in my mouth on the table. My mother and my son was managed to stifle lauthter.

One old staff looking at us said, “You are getting along with each other.” He was smiling at us. I thought he didn’t notice how bad reputation this restaurant had. Increased laughter was attacking us without mercy.

Some sushi were ready to drop from a plate, some shari and sushi topping intersected at right angles like a Christianity’s cross. We were very excited, and enjoyed expecting how strange a next sushi would be like.

When we left the restaurant, we said to the staffs, “〇〇sushi restaurant is Brabo! Thank you for your great performance!” An old man staff said to us “You are welcome, please come here again.” His body seemed to be so stiff and his voice was feeble.

We have never gone to that restaurant since then.

Sushi’s taste was not bad. Dessert was delicious. BUT, I hope they do not make us laugh like that.

That’s all. This is my story with lasting memories.


Thank you for reading my strange story through to the end.





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