The identity of the bamboo princess in an interview

Hello! Everybody. Hot days are still continuing. How are you getting along? Today, I have a descendants of Mr. Jonouchi who have asked to marry the bamboo princess called Kaguyahime in Japanese. I’m wondering why she came to the earth all the way from the moon.

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Sakurasui : Thank you for coming in this hot weather. Mr. Jonouchi. I hear your ancestor proposed to Kaguyahime. What happened to your ancestor?

Jonoushi : I heard that many guys entered themselves in a competition to marry Kaguyahime and she asked them to do various things to do. My ancestor was asked to bring a rose that never wither. But he discovered that she didn’t intend to marry anybody, and stopped his challenge.

Sakurasui : Did other challengers continue?

Jonouchi : Yes, they did. Kaguyahime, fucking bitch, asked them preposterous demand. One guy was asked to dive into the water for as much as 10 minutes. He died after all.

Sakurasui : It is like a guru of a suspicious religion. How terrible!

Jonouchi : One guy had a more terrible experience. He was asked to find the most beautiful fish. He found the very fish he thought was an extraordinarily beautiful, and brought it to her. She said “I don’t like it.” He was executed.

Sakurasui : Execution!? How it was?

Jyonojichi : She had the old gentleman and woman. You know? She ordered them to tickle his body all through the night. The guy laughed and laughed and laughed shedding tears all night and choked to death.

Sakurasui : How awful! It follows that they conspired with Kaguyahime, doesn’t it? What was their purpose?

Jonouchi : According to the story of being handed down through generations, I heard Kaguyahime had used the word “ore” ( meaning “I” used by only man in Japanese) to herself. She was not a woman.

Sakurasui : What does it mean?

Jonouchi : In short, Kaguyahime was a man. The old gentleman and woman were so selfish. They wanted a girl baby. They forced to make Kaguyahime became a woman. She is a victim. No, I had better say that she WAS a victim in the past tense. They say that she became a lady gradually.

Sakurasui : Then, why did they have to execute an entrant?

Jonouchi : The old gentleman and woman wanted to believe that their daughter was the most beautiful lady in the world. So did Kaguyahime. They three couldn’t forgive gays who saw through their secret. With the result of Monitoring (Japanese famous TV problem’s title), all guys who detected their lie were killed. That is to say, they were enjoying themselves.


Everybody! A startling fact made known. Kaguyahime was a crazy guy who had a strong aesthetic senses. Not limited to Kahuyahime, we have various kinds of mask. Masks are nice methods to get along with other people. On the other hand, they could be worry people. We want to have good masks.


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