Crazy story

Hi. friends. Today, I will write about my cool experience. I was a high school students. I feel nostalgic about my young days. It was a lovely spring day. I and my friend were sitting on a park bench talking about boys we like.

Suddenly, a thee-year-old boy dashed in front of us, fell on his back, and began to thrash his arms and legs. “Buy me that! Or I’ll kill myself!” the boy said. “Try it!” his mother said in the distance.

It seemed that a boy was begging for a toy or something. A mother came to the boy, but she did not persuade him but passed by him without doing anything. An old couple sitting on a next bench to us were eating lunch with bewildered expression on their faces.

I thought that the best way to make him hold his tongue was showing scary things. I ignored my friend trying to make me stop by pulling my sleeve, and stood up stoutly along with a voice “Grrrrrrr” Shaking my arms around so vigorously that arms might be torn, kicking the ground so hard that legs might be broken, I danced around the boy shouting “Roarrrrrrr! Greeeee!”

While I was dancing, I heard a lady shout “Ahhhhhhhh!!”. An old gentleman sitting next to us choked on lunch and spit it out on the ground. A woman was stroking his back hardly.

The boy flew past. I saw both the mother and the boy walking hand in hand. How beautiful their back was! I remember it was shining and bright.

I am a champion of justice if ever there was one! The good action makes me feel comfortable!

I received warm applause from an old couple.
“Wonderful dance! Someday, can I see it again?”

“I promise.”

It was a wonderful event on a beautiful spring day with filtered sunlight swinging.


Thank you for reading this crazy post through to the end.



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