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Hello. Everyone! I’m thinking about “Leader”. Not a leader of game or something, But let’s think about a leader of a company or an organization in a public position. What do you think is a good leader?

whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. (the New Testament. Matthew chapter 10, Section 44)

It is written in the Testament like this. I think that a leader musut not only issues instructions, but also listen to people’s opinions or demands.

In Japanese society, there is a strange pattern called “Amakudari”, which can be said Japanese ethology. There are cases that a boss, director, manager, etc is like one of machinery parts which never fits. That is to say, he or she doesn’t know a company’s contents of work at all.

Most of these kinds of leaders are higher-up son. Some of them don’t do anything at his executive seat all day long.

While I was working at a hospital, a leader reduced the workforce at night shift. We came to have to work in two staffs of three staffs at night shift. According to a rumor, they used money that was supposed to be for one staff they eliminated for constructing a hospital’s multistory parking garage. It was very hard to work in only two staffs, so many staffs resign the hospital.

It’s my opinion that a leader must all contents of work cite. If it is impossible to do it, a leader is required an ability to gather information quickly and to cope with it correctly. Off course, to do it, resourcefulness is also important.

In case of a company, employees have to work because his or her life depends on it. A company is like a boat that has lives on board. If a company always think only its profits and disregard its employee’s heart and body, you had better resign a company if possible. The company shall die out.

There are quite a few recent rogue companies similar to religious organization, which seem to brainwash employees. I think a person who don’t perish oneself cannot perish others. It is important to see through if a company has a strong sense of responsibility to cherish employees while you’re still young.


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