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Hello. Everybody! Today, I will introduce a book I have read over and over again. 『The Power of NOW』by Eckhart Tolle. What does it mean the word enlightenment.

In this book, Eckhart Tolle said that it is not a negative attitude, which is like a defeat or a lack of vigor, to accept “now”, or to let go of adhesion. It actually leads to a solution for the problem. He also said that if you fight back against “the thing that already happened to you” ,  not only your armor of your heart but your armor of your body become rigid and come to be unable to function correctly.

I have faced the prospect of driving at the place that I have never driven. I have neither a smartphone nor a car navigation system. It appeared that I was driving a direction opposite to my home far away. Because it was at night, there are few people walking and I couldn’t find a person I can ask.

Then, I accepted the fact that I got lost. If I had continued worrying about meaningless things, I would have felt uneasy. I’m running short of gas, what if I have a traffic accident, I’m wondering if I have to pass a night in a car, and so on. When I stopped thinking meaningless things and accepted the present circumstances, I conceived of a good idea.

I saw a bus bound for 〇〇 station. If I succeed to go to 〇〇station, I know how to go back to home. I concentrated on following hard on the bus. Every time the bus stops at a bus stop, I stop behind the bus. I think the bus driver would have thought that my car was weird.

This is a very simple example. But I feel “the way that accept NOW and stop meaningless THOUGHTS” holds true of everything. I think it might be difficult to understand by reading this phenomenon like swimming.

When you encounter kind of trouble, please look at yourself objectively. You will concentrate on only the very thing that happens to you now. For example, your respiration, a scenery spreading out before your eyes, breeze you feel on your skin, anything will be ok. You will feel “NOW”. Then you will find a first step you should now.


Thank you very much for reading my post through to the end. I think it is wonderful to live without fighting against adversity of life.

I appreciate your continued support.


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