I was impressed with “The Greatest Showman”

Hello. Everybody! I’d like to talk about a wonderful movie today. Its title is “the Greatest Showman”. I was impressed with this story full of friendship and love. A man knows what a real happiness is after he loses everything.

This movie is set in America in Mid 19th century. Barnum, who is born in the son of a poor tailor, falls in love with a woman of gentle birth. He promises her father to make his daughter happy, and marries her. But he is fired, beginning to struggle in order to make a show business a success. He succeeds in it and gets a beautiful house for his family: his wife and two daughters. However, one of his daughters is bullied by ballet school’s girls saying that she is a daughter of an upstart guy. Barnum is very distressed to see his daughter being bullied and decides to grow his show business. With the help of a famous opera singer and a man who is wise in a show, he succeeds in a performance in America. On the other hand, there are people who are against his show because performer’s physical features are radical, which features are extremely short or tall, whiskered even though she is a woman. One day, a man places fire to Barnum’s building for a show. It is a real happiness that Barnum gets after he loses everything, his wife, daughters as well.

There is a clip that Barnum is talking to his wife. He said “My father was looked down because of his poverty, but I will never make my daughters feel pain like me.” His wife said “It’s hard to understand wealth and privilege when you’re born into it. You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people.” Her words touched my heart.

Sometimes, we don’t notice happiness now in our hands, and misunderstand that happiness is something far away from us. Jenny Lind, opera singer, also said that she couldn’t heal an emotional wound, which she was not loved by her family, even though she received great applause.

I think that a human is a lonely existence. But, how happy it is to dine with family! How glad it is to have a friend talking to me “Hi” “How are you?”

People of a different skin color and physical feature began to have courage and self-confidence while they are touching each other with Barnum. I was really impressed with that. People have various kinds of criteria, and tend to use it in order to distinguish between self and others. NOT with a criteria that we can feel with our five senses, BUT with our hearts, I wish people all over the world unite into one.


Thank you very much for reading through to the end.



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