Counterplan against sales calls

Hello. Everyone! I have received lots of sales calls recently. My number of home phone has not been on a telephone directory. But why did they know my phone number? I often receive the same company’s sales call. Even though I block it, they call me by using different phone number. Then I will introduce you an interesting counterplan against sales calls.

When you received a sales call, you will be silent onlooker. The sales man knows you picked up the receiver. He begins to talk saying “my name is XX from ZZ company, today I called you to introduce YY.” You must not speak a single word.

If you say nothing, the speaker begins to be panicked and say “Hello? Hello?” All you have to do is just indicating your intention that you are listening to him through sneeze or cough. You must not speak a single word.

When he checks if you need a thing he is explaining or not, saying “I recommend these goods, it is a good deal.” You will show that you are listening to him by just sniffing or exhaling a little. You must not speak a single word.

He will explain about goods farther. When he fires off question after question at you saying “How do you like it?” Then you hold a Rubber Chicken in your hand. A Rubber Chicken is a toy for children, which makes a strange sound (A”~~~) when you pinch it’s stomach. You will make a loud noise by pinching it. You must not speak a single word.

If the sales person hang up the phone, it is almost successful. There is a possibility that they give up calling you. I think it is better that they think you are crazy than they resent you. In some cases, it is nice to be regarded as a nuts. Finally, I want to say this again. You must not speak a single word. Am I persistent? (LOL)

Click here! this is the Rubber chicken’s voice.💗


Thank you very much for reading this post through to the end. I’m looking forward to writing a funny story from now on. I’m very happy if you laugh at my story. 💛





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