Unforgettable experience

Hi. Everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about my good memory in NY. Life in the big city forced me to battle loneliness. In this circumstances, when I find kindness of human, I feel as if I met the God.

Those days, the post office in Manhattan was always crowed, and it is normal to wait for my turn for more than one hour. One afternoon, a big man like a professional wrestler shouted to an Asian man, “Don’t cut in line! Fuck you!” he was scary. Then a middle-aged woman who speaks beautiful American English helped an Asian man saying “what are you talking? He has just gone to the toilet and come back. He WAS standing in front of me! Kiss my ass!” Apparently, an Asian man and an American woman have nothing to do with each other.

I have had the same experience as this Asian man. At the post office counter, I was told to bring one paper. She was very nasty and didn’t tell me where it was even thought I asked her. When I managed to find it and come back to the counter, she told me to stand in the end of the line again. A Korean lady behind me helped me saying “this woman was standing in front of me, could you help her first.”

When I was in Brooklyn, I bought a Flat Panel TV at a Chinese electronics retail store. They don’t deliver goods like in Japan. I thought that I could bring it to my apartment because it is enough thin and small to bring it by myself. However, it was heavier than I had imagined. I was really shocked. At that time, one Chinese staff was trying to go to repair something to someone’s house by car. When I asked him “can you give me a ride?” He willingly took over for me. He stopped in front of my apartment and brought my TV at the apartment door. I tried to give him five dollars as a tip, but he left soon telling me “ I’m so busy.” How cool he is!

I feel that we are given a mistaken prejudice and bias by TV and internet. We shouldn’t label people as a bad people according his nationality. Any person is the same human being as others. Some people are good, and some are bad.

I have watched the picture at the TV news. It shows that many Japanese people were sitting down on a long flight of stone steps. They said that foreigners were moved by Japanese nice characteristics because they were sitting sparsely so that other people can go up and down the steps. We Japanese are very glad to hear it. But many people come to have an image of all Japanese people being kind and considerate due to mass communication. However, not all people are nice and good in any country. Beyond the border, I hope our hearts are always together.

I love NY people. They express their thoughts with words clearly, stretch a helping hand to weak people, have incredibly cheerful character, and be filled with joy and excitement like children, they were enjoying NY life. My experience I came into contact with them is my treasure. My friend who taught me Steemit is still living in NY.


Thank you very much for reading this post through to the end. I’ll grateful if you can enjoy it.



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