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Hello. Everyone. Life is full of decision. It is easy to make a decision about small things, but it requires great courage to make a big decision. What should be our criteria for making a decision? Today, let’s appreciate the word of Jyocyo Yamamoto, samurai during the Edo period.

Life is short. We should do what we like. This world is like a dream. It is stupid to do only what they don’t like, and to live in trouble.

I think that those who enjoy life win. But in some cases, even if you try to decide something, you couldn’t do anything about some of them. We couldn’t change God’s will and fate. I wanted to be born a man, but it is impossible. However, I believe that we could change our destiny.

For example, a person who is thinking about changing jobs! I think it is a difficult problem when he or she is thinking about his or her family circumstance or income. But you had better make it your criteria that if you enjoy your job or not.

Unlike the group of some kinds of hobby or a circle association, a company is the place that we spend the most of time in life. Even though you are not paid overtime payment, are you dedicating lots of time to a company? Are you overlooking a company’s shabby trick and spending time with gloomy ill-tempered feeling?

It requires lots of courage to quit a company in this day and age. However, in every case, anything will never change unless you take action. It is only you who can help yourself.

Recently, I’ve felt that we are similar to accounts of internet site. Real we might exist on a faraway place, which is invisible, from us as a user of site, our bodies we believe are real ourselves might be just accounts. Sometimes, I feel like that way.

Time fries, so I want to be an account for an enjoyable site. Let’s log in it pleasantly!


Thank you very much for reading this post through to the end. I’ll be grateful if this blog is useful for your life even just a little bit.



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