Learn from Mother Teresa’s precious words.

The world is now hungry for love. The emotional connection with others is poor. At the workplace, at the home, and at the school, we have faced an age that there has been lots of loneliness disease at the moment. Now, let’s see Mother Teresa’s precious words.


# Human and smile, there are people who have forgotten their human interaction. This is a very big poverty.

The number irregular employment has been increasing in Japanese companies. The glib egalitarianism has been widespread, and human relations has been distorted. Moreover, under the mechanization and internet, the emotional connection between people is weak. Even though we are in such a society, we don’t want to forget kindness and smile to at least people beside us. The word “Good work” or “welcome back” gives more power to people than we imagine.


# Even Let Me Hear by preaching, it is not a place where interact with people. Behold in with a broom give to clean someone’s house, because the more that’s a more eloquent.

I like to listen to a monk’s preaching personally, but I have a poor memory and forget ir soon. However, I will never forget someone’s help when I am very troubled. I want to be kind to others.


# Who met you all, as become the best mood, please contact with the people and with great kindness and compassion. Your love facial expressions and look, smile, and I to appear in words.

There are people who has a nice atmosphere just by being there. I think those kinds of people are living with love and compassion. Kindness given by others is catching.


# Now, let’s have a moment this happiness. So it is enough. At that moment, the moment is, be all that our seeking, I on the other do not need anything.

I feel that if we are not happy, we cannot make others happy. Unhappy people bully or annoy others. Therefore, most of bullies are unhappy and poor people.


# If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Not food, but anything will be fine. For example, even a bedridden old man doesn’t have to lament that he cannot do anything for society. When I was working as a nurse, I have no idea how much I was saved by a bedridden patient’ smile.

I appreciate your continued support.


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