A true scary story

A true scary story

Hello! Today, I’m going to write about a scary true story. A ghost seems to exist really. This is the story when I was working as a nurse. I don’t think a ghost is scary, but if you are scared of a ghost, please read this story at your own risk.

It happened when I was working for a mental hospital ward. We were supposed to work at night alone at that ward. We could contact with other nurses in case of an emergency, off course.

There had been a rumor that a woman ghost appeared there for a while. I know one nurse asked a head nurse to transfer her to another ward, and left the mental ward. I know she said I couldn’t work there with fear. I was working there with equanimity without feeling the atmosphere of a ghost.

However, one night shift, I encountered a ghost. When I was writing a nurse’s record, I heard a knocking sound at a window. Tap tap as if someone were knocking on the door. On the other side of the window, there was a hospital courtyard locked so that nobody could not enter.

I thought that it was just a noise. Continuing writing a nurse’s record, I heard the same sound. Tap tap. I didn’t stop writing. But when I heard the same sound third times, I got angry and thought it might be a ghost.

Then, I shouted against the ghost, “ shut up! Don’t make a noise, or I will make you work instead of me. Go to check the ward next time.” She stopped knocking the window.

I was relieved. I tried to take a nap, went to the bed, and closed the curtains. After a little while, on the other side of the curtains, I heard my chair’s castor wheels squealing, ratting. A plastic bag of candies that I kept at a patient’s request was also making a noise.

“I’ll take a nap. Stop bugging me!” I shouted to the ghost, and opened the curtains. There was nobody. But the position of the chair and candy bag was moved apparently.

I stopped taking a nap, and decided to check the courtyard on the other side of the window. That place was locked, and there was nobody. A peeing Boy Statue at the side of the pond being illuminated with orange light, I thought the ghost likes these kinds of situations. It was a little past 3 o’clock am.

I was drinking a canned coffee I had kept in the refrigerator at the courtyard, and talked to the invisible ghost.

“Are you lonely? Why don’t you go to the heaven? Why are you a ghost? If you want to be here, I don’t worry. But don’t bother me! Night work is such a hard job.” I made a complaint about her action.

She didn’t answer anything. I didn’t think she was scary, so I have continued working at night shift. But I have never encountered her since that strange night.

She must have been disappointed because I was not scared of her.



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