Do you like money? Off course!

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Everybody likes money. Today, I will tip off about a very famous shrine in Kyoto, which is called “Mikanejinjya”, where many people come to pray to win the lottery.  Actually, after one person prayed at this temple, he or she bought a lottery. I heard that person had won the first prize. This temple is famous for God of the luck of money.

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The famous power spot in Kyoto

Mikanejinjya is a small shrine which is situated in a valley between tall buildings. The distinctive feature is the golden Torii.  The color of gold is symbolic of money. It is also symbolic of metal like iron, copper, uranium, plutonium and so on. The deity of this shrine is Kaneyamahikonokami that is written in Japanese mythology and responsive to prayers related to mine and mineral. They say that people working in the mining industry have strong belief in the spirit of this shrine.  Gold, silver and copper are metal in the same way. So, the deity of the Mikanejinjya loves coin made of metal. You could make lots of money through Bitcoin. (lol)

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A Lucky wallet called “Hukuzaihu” in Japanese

There are so many kinds of things and talismans prayed for good luck. Among them, A lucky wallet  called “Hukuzaihu” commands considerable attention. Some people come to Kyoto from outside of the prefecture just to buy it. It is make of fabric without a chuck or a button and has two spaces. It has been made in order to keep important things at the beginning, but now many people keep a newly bought lottery in it because of a lucky news, which says that some people won the lottery that has kept in Hukuzaihu wallet.  Off course, you can have money and bankbooks. I also have hit 1000 yen in the lottery which has slept in Hukuzaihu. Only 10 dollars. Um……

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a votive tablet called Ema

Ema is a small wooden plaque, which is common to Japan. You can find them hanging up in a tree of a shrine. We Japanese believe that prayers or wishes written on a Ema is received by Gods. In ancient times people would donate horses to the shrines for good favor; over times this was transferred to a wooden plaque with a picture of a horses. “E” of Ema means a picture and “ma” of Ema means a horse. However, in Mikanejinjya, the shape of Ema is very unique. why? It’s shape is a gingko biloba leave. There is a gingko in this shrine and it is said that the tree has spiritual great power. So, a gingko leave is symbolic of wealth there. If you can go to this shrine in Autumn, I recommend that you pick up a leave and keep it in Hukuzaihu. You can write your prayers on an Ema!  I’m sure that you shall be a millionaire. hahaha


It takes 6 minutes to take Karasuma line (subway) from the Kyoto station. Only tree stops. Get off at Karasumaoike station. It takes about 7 minutes on food. TEL: 075-222-2062

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💙 practice  💙

①the teacher was very angry when he was absent from class without permission.
彼が勝手に休んだ時、先生はとても(   )いました。
1 おこる  2 おこって  3 おこった  4 おこり
correct answer

②A wallet lay on the ground in front of a convenience store.
コンビニの前に財布が(   )いた。
1 落ちた  2 落ちてた  3 落ちて  4 落ち
correct answer

③A notice is written on a board. Please read it.
連絡はボードに(   )ありますから、読んでください。
1 書きて  2 書いて  3 書いた  4 書きた
correct answer

④Are you hungry? I bought a bread.
おなかすいた? パンが(   )あるよ。
1 買って  2 買きて  3 買いて  4 買った
correct answer

⑤Why are you always silent? Express properly!
どういしていつも黙って(   )の? ちゃんと話して!
1 いる  2 ある  3 いう  4 した
correct answer

⑥I will wait for you at the station at 6 tomorrow.
明日は6時に駅で(   )。
1 待ちています 2 待ちにいます  3 待っています  4 待ってあります
correct answer

⑦Although I want to go back to my country, I can’t do it.
国に帰りたい(   )帰れません。
1 のに  2 まで  3 に  4 で
correct answer

⑧Although I received my salary last week, I don’t have enough money already.
先週、給料をもらったのに、もう、お金が(   )。
1 あります  2 ありません  3 ありました  4あげました
correct answer

⑨Although carlos is good at soccer, he didn’t take part in a game.
カルロスはサッカーが上手なのに、試合に(   )。
1 がんばった  2 かった  3 出た  4 出なかった
correct answer

⑩Although he is a child, he knows lots.
子供なのに、(   )。
1 何も知らない  2 何か教えて  3 いろいろ知っている  4 いろいろ教えて
correct answer


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