You will be reborn through Tainai-meguri in Kyoto

Tainai-meguri in Kyoto

Hello !! How are you?
Today, I will introduce you a very interesting place, which is not so famous, therefore, many tourists miss it. The reason why I recommend this place even though it’s not so famous is that you can experience invisible mysterious sense. When you’re going to Kiyomizu-dera, keep an eye on the left side of the stairway leading up to the temple. you will find a small building called Tainai-meguri, where you’ll need to remove your shes, pay 100 yen, and go down the stairs leading to the darkness. It’s pitch dark. It’s 

so dark that you couldn’t know if your eyes are closed or open. You’ll be going in blind into the womb of Daizuigu Bosathu, a female Bodhisattava with the ability to grant wishes. Going in barefoot will let you feel the floor better as you navigate. Keep your hand on the roped handrail and as you walk, let your sense take over. After going the cave through, you can return to the original place. On the way to the original place, you will find a luminous stone, which grants just one request. You will pray to Daizuigu Bosathu putting your hands on the stone.  If you’re not afraid of the dark, the experience will be calming and sublime.
Try Tainai-megiri when you want to turn over a new leaf, when you want to forget a bad experience, and when you want to make your wish come true.
Opening hours : 9:00 – 16:00

Daizuigu Bosathu, a female Bodhisattava

Zuigu(随求)of Daizuigu means granting people’s wishes. Bodhisattava has the power purging people’s sins, and also has miraculous efficiensy of the child bestowed. I recommend a bracelet type of amulet with a letter of Shingon. It is said that people are protected from any disaster by always wearing it. They say that this temple has the sculpture of Bodhisattava, which is very unusual to be carved. However, unfortunately it is not on general display. It’s a seated statue, which has 8 arms, made of wood with gold, and 110 cm tall. I love a statue of Buddha, so someday, I wish I could watch this statue.

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 Please eat up lunch around Kiyomizu-dera 

 Okutan(奧丹): It’s very Japanese style restaurant with a garden, in which you can enjoy seasonal scenery through windows. It also has a river. why don’t you have delicious dishes listening to the murmur of a stream.
 Okabeya(おかべ家): Enjoy  TOHU(豆腐)which is made of soya beans. Kyoto is famous for TOHU. It is made of high quality Hokkaido bred soya beans.

Yoshimura(よしむら): Kyoto is famous for Japanese noodle called “SOBA”. Here in Yoshimura, you can eat hand-made noodle. Soba with herrings is soooo delicious. GOOD !! Happy !!
Nekomata(ねこまた): A restaurant specializing in ramen without soup. they serve more than 30 kinds of noodle. Enjoy good slippery feeling and glutinous texture.
Chikaramochi-syokudo(力餅食堂): Do you know Donburi dish? They serve a bowl of rice topped with various ingredients. For example, Oyakodonburi is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs.

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💙 practice 💙

① Children got a teacher to teach them soccer.
子供たちは先生にサッカーを教えて(   )。
1 あげた  2 もらった  3 くれた  4 やった
correct answer

② ”The bag you have today is nice.”
“Thanks a lot. My mother bought me.”
「ありがとう。母に買って(   )の。」
1 あげた  2 もらった  3 くれた  4 やった
correct answer

③ Mary cooked me Sukiyaki.
マリアはすき焼きを作って(   )。
1 あげた  2 もらった  3 くれた  4 やった
correct answer

④ Every year, my grandmother in Brazil send me coffee.
毎年、ブラジルのおばあちゃんがコーヒーを送って(   )。
1 あげる  2 もらう  3 くれる  4 やった
correct answer

⑤ Ms. Noriko teaches foreign children Japanese.
のり子さんは外国の子供たち(   )日本語を教えてあげます。
1 から  2 に  3 を  4 で
correct answer

⑥ My grandfather has poor eyesight, so I read a newspaper to him.
おじいちゃんは目が悪いから、ぼくが新聞を読んで(   )。
1 あげる  2 もらう  3 くれる  4 やれ
correct answer

⑦ ”I don’t want to go to the hospital alone.”
“Then, I will go with you”
「じゃあ、一緒に行って(   )よ。」
correct answer

1 いただく  2 もらう  3 くれる  4 あげる

⑧ I had my grandmother in Hokkaido send me melons.
北海道のおばあちゃんにメロンを送って(   )。
1 はずだ  2 もらった  3 くれた  4やった
correct answer

⑨ It was not until the night that I started studying for my exams.
夜になってやっと試験勉強を(   )始めた。
1 した  2 する  3 し  4 して
correct answer

⑩ I finished watching a DVD I borrowed at 11 o’clock.
借りたDVDを11時に(   )終わった。
1 見た  2 見  3 見る  4 見て
correct answer

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