The God got angry !


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There are lots of power spots in Kyoto. One of them is Hushimiinaritaisha, which is a famous popular spot, and hundreds of thousands of travelers come here every year. You can get strong power from many Gods at the Hushimiinaritaisha. Why don’t you see Senbon Torii ? That is a very fantastic view. Approximately 10,000 torii (an archway to a Shinto shrine) dedicated by devotees stand on Mt. Inani, among which the Senbon Torii (a thousand torii) are particularly famous. It is said that  the scenery of this power spot changes every time you come. Today, Let me introduce attraction of Hushimiinaritaisha to you. 

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The reason for so many Torii in Hushimiinaritaisha

Why are there so many toriis in Hushimiinritaisha? Don’t you think it’s very miraculous? I’ll tip off about it. Then, Let’s see a cue that toriis were built here. 

The place that has Senbon torii in Hushimiinaritaisha is the very entrance to Mr. Inani which is the object of worship itself. Mt. Inani is a holy place that the God descends.

Many toriis were built as things which leads  the world of humans to the world of God. It is said that they have been built from the Edo period to Meiji period. Thereafter, people that visit Hushimiinaritaisha increased. The God (oinanisan)  is very warmhearted, and shows strong power to grant people’s wishes. 

However, the God got angry !  Most of people didn’t come back to give the God thanks although their wishes came true. Then, The god told people to build torii when their wishes came true. They say that it has a token rule when people build a torii, which should be small at first, and becomes bigger and bigger every time the god makes their wishes come true.

This custom spread nationwide. And then the number of torii increased more and more. 

The benefits of Senbon Torii

When you go to a person you like very much or love, what do you do first? Maybe, you will dress up, makeup your face if you are a woman, set your hair, and smile in a mirror. Walking through under toriis means that you are approaching the God. What I want to tell you is that your spirit is purified as you walk under torii arch. You also get special power from toriis, which were built there with people’s feelings gratitude. These were built by people whom the god granted their wishes. So Toriis here have drastic power. It takes 2 hours to go to the top of Mt. Inani from the entrance and to go back to the entrance.  The top of Mt. Inani commands a fine view of Kyoto. Why don’t you try?

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What time is best to visit Hushimiinaritaisha ?

After all is said and done, highlight of this place is the approach under Senbon-torii ! Attraction of Senbon-torii is that you can enjoy difference scene at different time. When I went to Senbon-torii in the early morning, I was impressed by the beautiful collaboration of Senbon-torii with the morning sun. Sunshine filtering through Senbon-torii which is fully stuffed reminds me of a heavenly god who descended to earth. I do recommend to visit Senbon-torii in the early morning to you. It’s so beautiful ! Furthermore,  it is also nice to visit at night. They don’t close the gate and you can enjoy it all day long. The place is lit up in the night, so you can taste of different atmosphere compared with day time. Why don’t you go with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I’m sure that Senbon-torii at night will give you an illusion of  leading you to a different spacial dimension.

💙 practice 💙

① I wash and cut vegetable at a restaurant.
レストランで野菜を洗ったり(   )しています。
1 切るたり  2 切りたり  3 切ったり  4 切たり
correct answer

② when I go to work, I read a book or listen to music on the train.
会社に行く時、電車の中で本を(   )り、音楽を(   )りします。
1 読んだ/聞た  2 読む/聞く  3 読んだ/聞いた  4 読みた/聞きた
correct answer

③ I was tired because I worked standing up all day long.
一日中立った(   )仕事をしたから、つかれた。
1 まま  2 まで  3 から  4 ながら
correct answer

④ I left bread I bought yesterday in my bag.
昨日買ったパンをカバンに(   )ままだった。
1 入れる  2 入れて  3入りた  4 入れた
correct answer

⑤ when you can’t understand well, why don’t you ask your teacher?
よく分からない時は、先生に(   )どうですか。
1 聞くたら  2 聞たら  3 聞いたら  4 聞きたら
correct answer

⑥ Why don’t you go to bed early after you take a medicine for a cold?
風邪薬を飲んで早く(   )たらどうですか。
1 寝る  2 寝  3 寝た  4 寝って
correct answer

⑦ Even if it rain, I will go by bicycle.
雨が(   )、自転車で出かけます。
1 降りても  2 降ても  3 降っでも  4 降っても
correct answer

⑧ I wouldn’t go to the dentist for fear even though I have a toothache.
こわいから、歯が(   )歯医者には行きません。
1 痛くても  2 痛いても  3 痛いでも  4 痛むんでも
correct answer

⑨ This book is easy to read, so even a child reads it.
この本はやさしいから、子供(   )読んでいます。
1 ても  2 でも  3 とき  4 けど
correct answer

⑩ Even if I write a poor hand, I make it a role to write correctly.
字が(   )、ていねいに書くことにしている。
1 下手くても  2 下手も  3 下手でも  4 下手ても
correct answer

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