Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto

Let’s go to Hanamikoji Street !

Today, I’ll introduce Hanamikoji street in kyoto. When thinking of Kyoto, the famous Gion red-light district comes to mind. You may see Maiko and Geisha walk along the Hanamikoji street. You will have an illusion as if you were in an old sepia colored nostalgic area.

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Hanamikoji Street runs north to south through the north area of Higashiyama-ku district. To the north is Sanjyo-dori Street and to the south is Kennin-ji Temple and is 1.4 km in length. Shijyo-dori Street on the north side has many bars and pubs. 

Bar prost : 3 minutes from Gionshijyoeki. You can enjoy drink menus more than 100.

italiana SAGRA : A whole view of Kamogawa ! Enjoy the greatest time having the highest grade cook with your favorite friends.

37 Grill – Bar & Lounge : To provide a feeling of freedom, The restaurant has a high ceiling. Enjoy grilled dishes with high quality meat, fish, shellfish and organic vegetables.

Hids’ cafe&bar : They provide brag drip coffee. The shop’s ceiling has lot’s of Japanese lanterns called chochin. You can enjoy traditional Japanese atmosphere.

SHUKURA : Enjoy Jizake a shopkeeper carefully selected. The bar has usually  60~70 types of Japanese liquor.  I’m sure you can find your favorite one.

mixologybar smooth : Enjoy a original cocktail with raw fruit. Our original cocktail has the texture with liquid nitrogen and a smoke machine gives a cocktail a fragrant smell.

What was originally the main approach to the kennin-ji temple turned into a street lined with teashops and has been developed into a special area where historical landscape is preserved. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along this street with a traditionally kyoto feel. Kennin-ji tmple is one of the oldest temple in Japan. The founder of the temple, Eisai, was a Buddhist monk recognized for bringing the Zen sect to Japan as well as the culture of tea ceremony. His tomb lies in the grounds of kaisan-do (the Founder’s Hall) located within Kennin-ji temple. Eisai was a mojor contributor to  both history and culture of Japan and his appreciaton towards art in particular is still cultivated in this temple. 

I’m sure you can enjoy Hanamikoji in Kyoto.

Access : 3 minute walk from Gion-shijo Station on the Keihan Train. 3 minute walk from the “Gion” stop on the city bus.

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💙 practice  💙

① please memorize Katakana by next week.
来週までにカタカナを(   )ください。
1 おぼえ  2 おぼえる  3 おぼいて  4 おぼえて
correct answer

② please press this button.
このボタンを(   )ください。
1 おせて  2 おって  3 おして  4 おしって
correct answer

③ “My job has already finished.” “Then, please do this job as well.”
「もう終わりました」「じゃあ、この仕事も(   )ください。
1 やって  2 やりて  3 やくて  4 やり
correct answer

④ Please let out a holler.  please call me loudly.
大きい声で(   )ください。
1 呼びて  2 呼んて  3 呼んで  4 呼びで
correct answer

⑤ I will go out after I take my meal.
ご飯を(   )出かけます。
1 食べてから  2 食べったから  3 食べでから  4 食べしてから
correct answer

⑥  please open the door and come in after you knock on the door.
ノックを(   )から、ドアを開けて入ってください。
1 する  2 して  3 しって  4 すて
correct answer

⑦ please wait for 3 minutes after you pour hot water in a cup.
カップにお湯を(   )から、三分待ちます。
1 入れる  2 入れない  3 入れて  4 入れって
correct answer

⑧ Have you listened to this CD? It is good music.
このCDを(   )ことがありますか。とてもいい音楽ですよ。
1 聞きした  2 聞きた  3 聞った  4 聞いた
correct answer

⑨ I have never drunk alcohol.
今までお酒を(   )ことがありません。
1 飲む  2 飲んだ  3 飲みた  4 飲んで
correct answer

⑩ I have never met Mr.Tanaka.
田中さんには(   )ことがありません。
1 会った  2 会って  3 会た  4 会い
correct answer

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