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I’m planning to start a new corner for people who want to learn Japanese.
Now, Japanese language ranks as one of the world’s most important languages. Millions of additional near-native or otherwise fluent speakers of Japanese reside within Korea, China, or other parts of Asia. Many of these people acquired Japanese during Japan’s military operations both before and after World War II. There has been a great surge of interest in the study of Japanese as a second language throughout the past 30 years, due to the Western world’s fascination with Japanese culture, as well as to Japan’s status as a world economic power.

Japanese verb  changes five times according to situation. I’m very surprised to see how well foreigners speak Japanese language. But here in this corner, I want to introduce Japanese language foundation. no mutter how much you learn anything, I think, if you ignore foundation, you will never master anything.

<example verb>

I don’t  write a novel.  → 私は 小説を ない
I will write a novel.  → 私は 小説を 書う。

Writing a novel has not happened yet.

I write a novel.  → 私は 小説を 書ます
this verb present (describing a state or habit) or future tense affirmative.

I write a novel. → 私は 小説を 書
I wrote a novel. → 私は 小説を 書た。

we use this verb when we say something definitely.

when I write a novel, I……  → 私は 小説を 書時……
we use this verb when a verb link with a noun or conjunction.

if I write a novel, ……. → 私は 小説を 書ば……
we use this verb when we use “if” (subjunctive mood)

write a novel → 小説を 書
we use this verb when we command someone to do something.

💚 practice 💚

① I go to my friend’s house.
私は友達の家に (    )ます。
1 行く  2 行か  3行き  4行こ
correct answer

② I drink a cup of tea. I also eat a piece or cake.
私はお茶を (   )ます。ケーキも食べます。
1 飲み  2飲む  3飲も  4飲め
correct answer

③ Tomorrow, Tom will go, But, I will not go.
明日はトムは行きますが、私は(   )。
1 行きます   2 行きません   3 行きました   4 行きますか
correct answer

④ yesterday night, I didn’t sleep well.
昨日の夜、あまりねません(   )。
1 した   2 ます   3 でした  4 ました
correct answer

⑤ I don’t cook Italian so much.
イタリア料理はあまり(   )。
1 作ります  2 作りました
3 作りません 4 作るませんでした
correct answer

⑥ ”when are you on holidays till?” “It’s until Monday.”
「いつ(   )休みですか?」「来週の月曜日(   )です」
1 に/に  2 か/か  3 まで/まで  4 から/へ
correct answer

⑦ I take a train from Shinjyuku to Yokohama.
新宿(   )横浜(   )電車に乗ります。
1 から/まで  2 と/へ  3 と/まで  4 から/へ
correct answer

⑧ when does the next movie start?
次の映画は何時(   )ですか?
1 は  2 も  3 を  4 から
correct answer

⑨ where did you buy these cookies?
このクッキーは(   )買いましたか?
1 どこに  2 どこで  3 どこも  4 どこか
correct answer

⑩ we chatted at the school.
学校(   )おしゃべりしました。
1 に  2 が  3 は  4 で
correct answer


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