The smile is the beginning of love・笑顔は愛の始まり💗マザーテレサ

Hi. Friends. Today, I want to appreciate words of Mother Teresa. She devoted her life to poor people, starving people, naked people, homeless people, handicapped people. I’m not a Catholic, but I respect and admire her very much. Let’s see her wonderful words.

こんにちは! 今日はマザーテレサの名言を味わってみたいと思います。彼女は貧しい人、飢えている人、家のない人、体の不自由な人に人生をささげました。私はクリスチャンではありませんが、彼女をとても尊敬しています。どんな素敵な言葉があるか見てみましょう。

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

I think it is difficult to forgive a person who is very unreasonable and self-centered. But, not to forgive someone is required a lot of energy. I hear that Buddha changed a poisoned arrow flying aiming at him into a rose. I think that hate cannot extinguish love any more than the darkness cannot extinguish the light.



If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

Some people envy someone’s success. Some might try to dislodge a successful person from the position of the power, others might try to bundle him or her off. But I want to believe that justice will conquer. I wish everybody could be glad of somebody’s success. I think “envy someone’s success” is denying “success” itself, therefore, a person who hate other’s success might never succeed.



What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

As long as we are alive, we encounter catch-22 kind of thing. I have spent lots of money before, even though I didn’t do anything bad. But all we have to do is to continue doing what we believe is right. We must be strong because we experience a hard time that we want to shout “I’ve had enough of the world of humans.” Many times. I think Mother Teresa was a very mentally strong woman.



The good you do today nay be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

Human is strange, including me. We forgot easily the good other people did for us, but never forget the unkind thing others did against us. I like to listen to a sermon of Buddhist monks. A monk said that the best way to become happy is to make others happy. So we steemians are very lucky people, excited, doing something to make others enjoy.


私もそうだけど、人間って、人からしてもらったよい事はすぐに忘れてしまうのに、嫌なことをされたらいつまでも覚えているんですよね。私はお坊さんの法話を聞くのが好きで、面白い話を覚えています。幸せになるのに手っ取り早い方法は、人を幸せにすることだそうでうす。それなら、私達ブロガーはラッキーかも? 人を喜ばせようとしてワクワクしているわけですから。

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

After I have got sick from working too hard, and holed up at home for a long time, I went to a convenience store. A store clerk smiled at me and said, “good evening”. Her smile was very fresh and thankful. I’ll never forget her smile. Is it an exaggeration? Smile is by no means to be trifled with. Someone’s smile might help somebody somewhere.


仕事疲れからダウンしてしまい、家に当分引きこもっていた時がありました。久しぶりにコンビニに行くと、店員さんが、「こんばんは」と、笑顔で言ってくれました。一生忘れないでしょう。大げさですか? でも、笑顔ってバカにできないんですよ。誰かの笑顔がどこかで誰かを救っているかもしれません。

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