Contest #13 My favorite town

My favorite town is Kyoto. Inheriting good old Japanese tradition, joining together with modern culture, Kyoto is full of a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past. Kyoto makes Gods, Buddha and human mingle with each other. Nice hospitality always welcome us. That is Kyoto, which is covered with an aura friendly, sweet, and as transparent as it can be.

A picture is called “Yasakanotou”, which is a symbol in the area of Kiyomizu temple, located in the “houkanji”. It was built in 592 (asuka period). It is said that Shotokutaishi built it in accordance with Nyoirinkannon that had appeared in his dream. I love this beautiful scenery.


Address : 338 yasakakamimachi higashiyamaku Kyoto city Kyoto.

TEL : 075-551-2417

Entrance Fee : 400 yen

The next picture is famous. I think many people have seen this photo. It is Ninenzaka. There is a sign of “Ninenzaka” in front of a coffee shop called “Garakuta”. It’s very Kyoto view! I love it. Ninenzaka leads to Kiyomizu temple. You can buy various kinds of souvenir there. I have bought chopsticks with a name for my family. One more thing, there is a very scared legend about Ninenzaka, which says that if you fall down in Ninenzaka street, you will die in two years. But, it is a flat-out lie. The original meaning is that you must be careful not to fall down because Ninenzaka is a sloping road. Do not worry about it.


Address : 350-21 masuyacyo toudaiji higashiyamaku kyoto city

TEL : 075-551-3583

You can see a rickshaw running. How tasteful! When rain falls, a wet stone pavement reflects the light from a store’s neon sign. It’s so beautiful, so don’t be disappointed even though it rains. On a clear day, air is sparkling. On a snowy day, roofing tiles, tree branches, many things are covered with a pure white veil. In spring, gods are smiling at cherry blossoms in full bloom. It is Kyoto that captures our heart with its beauty in any season. Wonderful town!


Syoeido has a history of over 300 years since they began to product incense stick. They have various kinds of stock from incense of religion to convenient incense you can enjoy at home. When you travel in Kyoto, I recommend that you stop by this store. We feel like we are back in Edo period.


Address : 334 kiyomizu 3 cyome higashiyamaku kyotohu

TEL : 075-532-5590

The Sanjyoohashi (bridge) over the Kamogawa (river) is made of wood, is very tasteful and a Kyoto view. I have a sense of peace to feel as though the flow of time stopped here. In case of this picture, around area where you cross the bridge, you find lots of restaurants. You can eat various kinds of reasonable and delicious dishes there. I want to listen to the Kyoto dialect “Oideyasu” (Welcome), but recently, they have not spoken in Kyoto dialect. When I come back from Kyoto trip, I am always terribly Kyotonized to say “Iteharimasuka?” (are you there?), “ dosu~dosu~” (be verb). Because I speak in Kyoto dialect persistently, my family always get angry. (LOL)

I love Kyoto turning amber color in the evening. When the streetlights begins to light up, latticed windows are turning red slightly, store’s lumps are lighting up roofing tiles. They seem to be whispering to our hearts. What a beautiful town it is! I feel like I am melting into my dream.

Senbon torii of Hushimiinaritaisya is very famous. What? It has a history of over 1300 years! Hushimiinaritaisya has been worshipped by people hoping business prosperity and bumper crop. The origin is like this. A person who had a long name “Mtuihachirouemontakatomi” have run a kimono shop in Edo period. But his shop had much financial difficulty. He began to worship at Hushimiinri locaked in Edo in order to ask the god to help him. This is the origin of Hushimiinaritaisya. This man is an ancestor of Tkahuku Mitui who established Mitui Bank. Wow! The famous Mitui bank!

I have been there only in the daytime, but they say it is very beautiful illuminated at night. It takes about 2 hours to go to the top of the Hushimiinaritaisya from the gate of it and to go back to the gate.

Let’s pray that STEEM price goes up!

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住所 : 68 hukakusa yabunouchicyo hushimiku Kyoto city Kyoto

TEL : 075-641-7331


When you go up to some extent, you can see a beautiful scenery like this. Some local people make this mountain path of Hushimiinaritaisya a walking course. I am eternally jealous of them.

Finally, I will introduce a Nijo castle which is declared a World Heritage site. It is a prestigious Japanese treasure that was built as accommodations of Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1603. The demise of Tokugawa shogunate was represented here in Nijo castle. The famous Taiseihoukan. Ieyasu Tokugawa who was appointed to the syogun invited lots of VIPs and had a big party in this castle. Nijo Castle has seen a majestic history in Edo period.

Beautiful architectures make me feel Japanese clued-up consideration and delicate thoughtfulness. This picture is Karamon gate of Ninomarugoden.

Nijo castle

Address : 541 nijojocho nakagyoku koto city kyoto

TEL : 075-841-0096

I have uploaded the Nijo castle before. I wrote its URL here. If you are interested in it, please watch it.!/v/sakurasui/ud1qbsf2


Thank you very much for reading this post through to the end.

From Sakurasui crazy about Kyoto.




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