Bad luck off (short story)

I hated Sayuri. I thought she should be dead from the bottom of my heart. I was supposed to marry Ryohei. We were having a happy life dreaming our wonderful future. But Sayuri stole our happiness.

Ryohei betrayed me and married Sayuri. I left a town I have lived, and I worked very hard in an obscure part of the city, suffering a great sense of loss at his terrible cut. I became an owner of a company that the annual sales was more than one billion yen.

One day, I got a weird postcard in my post. Co., Ltd Bad Luck Off. “I will buy your bad luck at a high price. I will make your future be as you wish.” I thought it was ridiculous, threw it away into a waste basket. It must be a fraud.

The postcard had a beautiful illustration of a bouquet. I was very impressed with a red ribbon decorating the bouquet. I got a post card from a waste basket and read the content carefully. The terrible fact of Sayuri and Ryohei hit me. It said that I am supposed to pay reward with not money but a part of my happiness.

I have any amount of money, but besides money, what can I pay for reward? On the next day, I went to Co., Ltd Bad Lack Off. The building seemed to have been for more than 40 years, walls have come unstuck here and there, been full of stains. When I rang a door bell, one old lady appeared.

I asked her that Sayuri and Ryohei should break up. I decided to pay for it by refusing a matchmaking that my mother recommended me. As far as his picture was concerned, he was handsome, moreover, he was a doctor. I didn’t care about it at all. A man betrays a woman anyway, and I don’t need to marry a doctor because I have enough money to live alone even though I don’t work all my life long.

Soon, Sayuri cheated Ryohei and they broke up. They had one daughter. Sayuri took over a daughter. My revenge was over. I had a great success without money. I appreciated Bad Luck Off.

But my success didn’t continue long. It was temporary. It was Sayuri’s lover that I had been supposed to see at a matchmaking. I heard Sayuri and her daughter were living with him happily.

I went to Bad Luck Off and complained that the situation was not as I hoped. The old lady said to me, “I made the situation be as you wish because Sayuri and Rhohei broke up. If you want to change the situation more, could you please sign here and ask me again. You must decide what you will pay for it again.”

The old lady said to me further, “The best revenge is that you become happy.”


by mother tereasa
Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone call their own.


Thank you for reading my post through to the end.

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