最近の詐欺の手口_ 寂しい人・欲張りな人がターゲットになる

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Recent fraudulent trick・a lonely person and a greedy person become a target.

 Solitude is troublesome. As we grow older, the number of friends and relatives is decreasing. Modern-day humans are looking forward to meeting new people. You must be careful when you use a dating site. A picture on someone’s profile might be bullshit. First of all, you had better notice that a handsome man or a beautiful woman do not have to apply to a dating site.

 Men and women in their forties or fifties beyond the right age should be careful. They starve for benevolent words, so when the frauds speak kindly to them, they will be drenched in cons sweet stories soon.

 Imagine that the frauds ask a woman if she would like to do a very profitable job, and first, the cons make up the story that she earns 200 dollars when she bet 100 dollars and says, “If you had bet 1000 dollars, you could have got several million dollars.” They would bilk more and more money.

 If a victim is a woman, she will accept everything that he ordered because she doesn’t want to lose a boyfriend she finally found. Love is blind.

 Because the service through foreigners is becoming banned recently, there are foreigners passed as Japanese. We must be careful of paying money.

 I have been about to be tricked by a foreigner before. I tried to buy software to edit photographs. Even though I typed my credit card number on the application screen online and clicked the purchase button, a strange page appeared on a PC screen, and I couldn’t buy it.

 I called the company soon and said that I don’t want to purchase anything. The staff who answered my call said,” I want to check what is wrong with your PC remotely.

 I panicked because I typed my credit card number and accepted checking my PC remotely. He repeated, “I am in charge of Japanese. No problem.” many times. But everything has no progress. Even I felt a sense of danger and hung up the phone. I called the bank to ban the use of my credit card. I went to the bank to close my account and opened a new account.

 Japanese people write “姓” (family name) and “名” (first name)  in the application form. But they used “苗字” (family name) and “名前” (first name) that we Japanese never use. I should have noticed it. My money was safe. Good grief!!

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