THE SHACK Bar and Grill・外国人がよく行くバー・広島

Hi. Friends! Today, I will introduce a nice restaurant in Hiroshima city. It’s called THE SHACK Bar and Grill. There are lots of foreigners among staff and customers. But, all staff can speak both Japanese and English. You can pay in advance every time you order. I saw many people enjoying to drink congenially.

みなさま、こんにちは! 今日は、広島の素敵なお店を紹介します。その名も、THE SHACK Bar and Grillです。お客さんもスタッフも外国人が多いのですが、スタッフは日本語も英語もできるので大丈夫です。ワンショットを前金で頼むこともОKです。みなさま、和気あいあいと楽しく飲んでいらっしゃいました。

I ordered Coke and Ice coffee because I can’t drink alcohol. Lots of alcohol bottles glittering under the light were quite beautiful. I enjoyed the smooth handling of cylinders by staff.


It was Saturday, and there were lots of customers so that I couldn’t take a picture of table seats. You can watch TV on the counter stool. I enjoyed the Rugby match on TV that day. Table seats seem to be spacious and comfortable and great for chatting with friends. There is no lousy sound of Karaoke or Music so that you can speak with your friends freely.


The logo mark of this bar is like this. Taking the pictures inside of the menu is not permitted. I took only the logo of the list. Prices are reasonable, and advance payment is OK, and you can be careful of drinking too much. And being different from Bars in America, there is a register so that you can pay before you go out.


I ordered chicken as well. It’s crispy and delicious.

There are also darts and billiards. A young couple was enjoying to play darts. They say that the number of customers is always increasing from 7 PM to 9 PM. There seem to be many English speaking customers. There might be an excellent chance to make friends of English speaking people if you can understand English.


I hear that you can make a reservation for a wedding after-party.


Address : 〒730-0035 5F 9-30 Hondori Naka-ku Hiroshima city Hiroshima Japan
☎number: 082-247-4354

住所:〒730-0035 広島県広島市中区本通り9-30 5F

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