Hello. Everybody! There are lots of exciting attractions in Kyoto. I will talk about a thankful jizo that heals an adverse health condition. Shakuzoji is the temple built by Kobodaishi・Kukai in A.D 819. A wealthy merchant has had a pain in his both hands in the Muromachi period. He tried a various treatment to cure the pain, but anything didn’t have any effect. Then he continued praying the jizo that has the reputation of removing people from suffering for seven days. On the seventh day, the jizo appeared in his dream, who said that your pain gets paid back for cursing a person by staking a puppet in your previous life. The jizo pulled out the nails from his hands and showed him two pins. When the wealthy merchant waked up, the pain of his hands disappeared. He was surprised to rush to Shakuzoji. He found two bloody pins there, which are pins the jizo pulled out of his hands. Since then, the jizo came to be called Kuginukijizo, which means the jizo who pulls out nails.

みなさま、こんにちは! 京都は楽しいアトラクションでいっぱい。今日は、体の調子を整えてくださる有り難いお地蔵様の話をします。石像寺(しゃくぞうじ)は、弘法大師・空海によって弘仁10 (819)年に創建されたお寺です。室町時代に、ある大商人が両手の痛みに悩まされ、その痛みを治そうといろんな治療を試みましたが、治りませんでした。そこで、苦しみを抜いてくださると評判のお地蔵さまに七日間、願掛けに訪れました。七日目の夜、夢の中にお地蔵さまが現れて「この痛みは、おまえが前世でわら人形に釘を打ち、人を呪った報いだ」とおっしゃって、手の中に刺さっていた恨みの釘を抜いて、二本の釘を見せました。目覚めると両手の痛みが治まっていたので、不思議に思った商人は急いで石像寺に行きました。そこには、お地蔵様が抜いてくださった血のついた二本の釘があったのです。大商人はお地蔵様に感謝し、100日間お礼参りをしました。その時から、そのお地蔵様は、釘抜地蔵と呼ばれるようになりました。

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<How to make a wish to the jizo>

First, you will join your hands in prayer in front of the main temple. And then, you well buy incense sticks and a candle at the small building next to the left side of the main temple and offer them at the main temple. You can see strips of bamboo on the right side of the temple. You will get the number of the piece of your age by the traditional Japanese system. (since the solar calendar is used in Japan now and the Japanese calendar corresponds to the Christian calendar, the method of counting a person’s age in the traditional Japanese system will be as follows: ‘traditional Japanese system =y our age +two’ as for the period from the New Year’s Day until the day before birth, and the ‘traditional Japanese system = your age + one’ from your birthday and afterward.) if you cannot hold all of the strips, I had better have an eco-bag or something. You will pray at the main temple holding one strip out of all pieces and walk around the temple clockwise. Every time you circle the temple, you will put the strip back to the original place. You will repeat this until all the pieces are gone. As you see my Youtube video, when you go around the temple, you will pray in front of the temple and the back of the temple with the talisman with 釘抜地蔵尊 (Kuginukijizoson). When you pray at these two places, I’m sure you will get a good improvement. If you have a chance to come to Kyoto, I do recommend worshiping at Shakuzoji.

Address : 503 hanagurumacyo kamitatiuriagaru senbondori kamigyoku Kyoto Japan
Tel : 075-414-2233



住所:京都市上京区千本通上立売上ル花車町 503

The main entrance of Shakuzoji

strips of banboo

the amulet of the back of the temple

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