Revised snow-white・白雪姫改訂版

みなさま、こんにちは! 白雪姫を書き換えてみました。白雪姫は王子様と最初からグルだったんです。何をやらかしたかは読んでからのお楽しみ! 壮絶な結末があなたのハートを凍らせてしまうでしょう。お食事中、またはお食事前の人は読むのを避けてください。私をきらいにならないでね。

My name is Tom, one of the seven dwarves. First of all, please don’t read this story if you have a meal from now. I will never forget that hideous sight. Little did I ever dream that this story had come to such a weird ending. The empress’s mirror continued telling that the most beautiful woman was snow-white. We were protecting snow-white every day.


One day, I discovered a strange poster on the tree in the wood, which said that a beauty pageant would be held in the wood. A sponsor was a prince living in the next town. Besides beauty, a pageant required how stinky her fart is, how loudly her fart is. The prince has a strong preference for a fart’s odor of a beauty. I found there were already four entries to look at the poster, including white-snow’s mother. I went home and told snow-white about it. I thought that this must be a trap or something, so, there was no way she would participate in this crazy pageant. However, she said she would take part in the pageant. The number of entries were five including snow-white.


The day of the pageant, five beauties lined up. They had been undergoing special training for breaking more funk and more loud wind, having eaten lots of sweet potatoes everyday. I undertook the chairman. Including villagers, many spectators outside of the prefecture gathered together. Curious to say, the stage built in the wood was stretched around with wire mesh. Five challengers started to eat sweet potatoes on the stage all at once. When a challenger was going to break wind, she was supposed to raise her hand and start a challenge.


The prince was sitting next to me, the chairman. Snow-white raised her hand at the very beginning. A stuff brought a machine to determine smell and loudness of fart and set it on her buttocks. The machine blew off on simultaneously with the roar, a terrible stench covered all over the wood. Putting prepared gas masks on, everybody got out of trouble. After the wind blew, and smell of fart disappeared, a lion’s corpse was discovered at the back of the stage. Without even putting a gas mask on, the prince was making dubious eye contact with snow-white.


Before long, I noticed that something was wrong with the empress. She turned pale. Then, all challengers began to leave the stage, which was stretched around with wire mesh, but had one door. Everybody went through that door. I caught snow-white locking the door from the outside.


The empress was holding her hand against her buttocks. “Feel free to break wind! Let’s enjoy to fart to the fullest! Stench for general people is like a scent of roses for me. It is said that this is considered a virtue of the prince.” He shouted incoherent things. Did he go nuts?

舞台にひとり取り残されたお妃様は、お尻を抑えていた。「遠慮しなくてもよい! 思いっきりオナラをするんだ! 世間で言われている悪臭は俺にとってはバラの香り同様。これが王子の美徳というものだ」と、王子様は意味不明なことを言って叫んでいた。気でも狂ったのか?

The reason why the empress was holding her hand against her buttocks became clear. She covered her anus with her hand. With the roar, lots of “number two” which was coming down to her rectum scattered on the floor at one stroke. Boooooo!!! Number two became soft soon, trickled down her legs, and fell on the floor. Newspapers companies and TV stations rushed to the on-the-spot, and made a film of the empress’s unprecedented incontinence. There was a rumor that the empress had bullied white-snow, so, nobody helped the empress.

お妃様がお尻を抑えていた理由がやがて明らかになった。彼女は肛門を抑えていたのだ。爆音と共に直腸まで降りてきていたウンコが一気に床に飛び散った。ブオー! とめどなくあふれ出るウンコは次第に柔らかくなり、ダラダラと足を伝い、床にこぼれ落ちていった。新聞社やテレビ局がかけつけ、お妃様の前代未聞のおもらしを撮影した。以前から白雪姫をいじめていたことが噂になっていて、お妃様を助ける人は誰もいなかった。

I was stood in amazement, and saw white-snow and the prince give each other high fives. At the feet of them, there were lots of empty bottles of purgative. Purgative had been injected into sweet potatoes.


Since then, nobody had seen the empress.



Thank you very much for reading this story though to the end.

See you soon.




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