Common characteristics of people who grow money・お金を増やす人の共通の特徴

Hello. Friends. People who save lots of money have some kinds of characteristics. Let’s check our way of thinking and action. Then, change our body chemistry so that we can attract money. Two points of two intersecting lines at an angle of only 1° shall depart from each other far up in the universe. The difference is obvious. Do not despise one sent. Many a mickle makes a muckle.

こんにちは!お金が増える人の行動パターンには特徴があります。自分の考え方や行動を今一度チェックし、お金が貯まりやすい体質に変えましょう。たった一度の角度で交わる二本の線は、宇宙まで行くと、際限なく離れていくのです。その差は歴然! 1セントを侮ってはいけません。塵も積もれは山となるのだ。

The Rich waste no time before doing something. The poor put off their tasks.

Working on it shortly is rich people’s common point. For example, there is a person who is told to do a task in a week even though he or she can do it in only 5 minutes. If you think “ OK I’ll do it right now cause it takes only 5 minute to finish it” you are the type of people who can grow money. On the other hand, if you think “I have one week to do it, so I don’t have to do it now”, you couldn’t grow money.



The rich think in “subtraction”, The poor in “addition”.

People who are good at saving money is thinking in “subtraction”. That is to say, they first subtract money that they want to save from salary, and then, subtract house-rent, heat, light and water expenses, and insurance premium etc, finally, they know how much money they can use freely. However, the poor think in “addition”. For example, if he or she doesn’t have enough money for having dinner with his or her friends, he or she tries to save some money on food expenses, and to add it’s money to social expenses. I think it is very stressful. We must comprehend when and how much money will be needed in the future, furthermore, we should have enough money to deal with something which might happen suddenly. So the best way is having exact money that you can use on the very pay day. Without those amount of money, you have no money you can use. Try this way. You can save lots of money soon.




I recommend you to have a good wallet, which is expensive, gorgeous, beautiful, which makes you happy. I hear that money likes to get into a good wallet.


いい財布を持つことをお勧めします。高くて、ゴージャスで、綺麗な財布! そうすれば幸せな気分になれるし、お金は綺麗な財布に入りたがるそうですよ。

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