OH! NO! XYZ! (A true story)・本当にあった話!

This story is a true story when I was a nursing college student.
I use a fictitious name. Here is a funny story.^^
The first lecture was for cardiovascular surgery. A doctor was very popular among students, good-looking, and good at teaching. He appeared in the classroom on time. I was reviewing a previous class reading a textbook. I concerned about Yoshiko sitting next to me because she was laughing incessantly. The doctor likes to pick someone in his class.



The doctor began to draw a heart. “what is the name of a blood vessel from a right atria of the heart? Then, you, in a red shirt. Answer it” Yoshiko was asked for a reply. She lowered her head and was stumbling badly, so I taught her “superior vena cava” in a whisper. However, I noticed that she was struggling not to laugh.


“What happened?” I asked her, but she continued to withholding her laughter. Did the doctor worry about her? “ are you ok? Are you feeling sick?” He said, and left a teacher’s desk to begin walking toward us a little bit. I knew the cause of Yoshiko’s laughter soon. The teacher’s zipper was open and flashing a lower part of shirt out of the zipper.

「どうしたのよ?」と聞いても、彼女はただただ笑いをこらえていた。先生も気になったのか、「大丈夫か? 気分でも悪いのか?」と言って、教卓から離れて身を乗り出してきた。私は、すぐに良子の笑いの意味が分かった。先生のズボンのチャックが開いていて中から白いものが少し飛び出していた。ワイシャツの下の部分が少しはみ出していたのだ。

At the moment he tried to come to us, I stroke her on the back to try to make him believe that she felt sick really. But I also struggled to keep my face straight. “If you feel sick, you had better go to an infirmary. Then you sitting there, answer it” He told another student to answer. Many students started giving a chuckle.


Looking at the students smiling, the doctor might have misunderstood, “ Oh my class is so interesting. I’m good at teaching.” With a triumphant air, he drew lots of explanations of a heart on the blackboard on that day. Every time he hold a chalk and drew something, his shirt popped out more and more. It looks like a white plain triangle popping out of the zipper.


At last, nobody could tell him “XYZ”. The class was over. After the class, I saw him enter a toilet. I thought he would notice his appearance in the toilet.


I confirmed his zipper was closed after he came back from the toilet. Phew, what a relief. He was looking anxiously about him and flew past.


At the next his lecture, he looked down terribly. According to him, at the previous class, he came to the collage by train with his zipper open. Because he stood in the train holding on to a strap, his opened-zipper was showing to a woman sitting in front of him. He said “I’m going to have a fit.”


Poor thing.
Thank you for reading my short story through to the end.


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