Dr. Tasuku Honjo won Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Hello. Everyone. I am very excited to hear that Dr. Honjo won Novel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In the near future, the age that human die due to cancer will end. While cancer cells are increasing defeating immune cells, PD-1 was discovered by Dr. Honjo. I think this discovery resulted in a major contribution to human. I summarized his brilliant Nobel Prize in my own way.


Dr. Honjo discovered protein named PD-1 which exists in an immune cell. It has not been known how it works. Then, he made an experiment on rats. Without PD-1, a heart of a rat was terribly damaged because an immune cell ran out of control. Therefore, one fact was discovered: PD-1 is a brake to control an immune cell. There are two switches on an immune cell: one switch is for an accelerator, another is a brake. A cunning cancer cell extend his arm and push a brake button of an immune cell, which comes not to work at all, and cancer cells are increasing.

I have watched an interesting movie before. I forgot its name. Aliens comes to the earth to attack human, and the war between aliens and human begins. Finally, aliens are annihilated due to bacteria and viruses because they have no immunity to germs on the Earth. Human’s immune system is extremely well-made. Once A human body notices that something besides himself, that is to say, foreign body enters into a body, a body is designed to eliminate it in an exhaustive manner.


There are cells going on patrolling to find a pathogen in our body. Once a pathogen is discovered, it is reported to a helper T cell, which orders both B cell and Killer T cell to attack a pathogen. B cell has a tool, as human use a pistol, to attack a pathogen, and Killer T cell attacks with empty hands. They are really dependable!

Even though human body has such a wonderful immune system, a cancer says “shut up!” to stop the function of an immune cell with equanimity. Shortly, a cancer pushes a brake button of an immune cell and make it unable to complain. Then, an awesome medicine was developed! It brushes a cancer’s hand away, keeping it unable to pushes a brake button, covering a brake button so that a cancer cannot push it again. By this, we can attack a cancer cell with our own immune cells. Now, study has been carried out so that medicine can be applied to various kinds of cancer. I hear that even a person that a cancer has metastasized all over his body is enjoying his life like common people.

Medicine is making rapid progress. In the near future, I hope that the new age will come in which cause of death for human is only decrepitude and human never suffer from cancer.


Thank you for reading my post through to the end.





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