男運に恵まれない女性__遺伝子には逆らえない・A woman who has terrible luck with a man. We couldn’t be able to disobey genes.


 結婚して幸せになる女性って少ないんじゃないですかね? 何を隠そう、私も男運が良くないです。離婚を経験していますし、結婚までに付き合った人は病気がちだったり、仕事に恵まれない人だったり、家族関係が複雑な人だったりしました。

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A woman who has terrible luck with a man. We couldn’t be unable to disobey genes.

Some ladies wouldn’t have good luck with a man.
 She always attends her friends’ weddings.
She is just feeling impatient, being over the marriage age.
I think there are lots of ladies feeling like this.
How could a lady have a happy marriage?


 I think that a few ladies could be happy through marriage, don’t you? I also have terrible luck with men. I experienced a divorce. Remembering boyfriends dating me; some are not blessed with good health, good jobs, and complicated relationships with family members.
 You might be disappointed when I said the following. We are not winning against our genes. If a lady’s father is a public servant, she will also marry a public servant. It will become like that although I don’t know the reason for it. Strangely, Every time she breaks up with a boyfriend, her next boyfriend is similar to persons dating before. But when she is too old, she will be unable to give birth to a baby, so I understand her impatient feelings. I heard that many men over 50 don’t marry lifelong.t might be a good idea to write your marriage conditions to know what you can forgive and not forgive. For example, you can ignore a person who gets sick quickly without serious illness to die, just going to a hospital, but he is a family man or a person who is too busy with his work to stay at home, but he is a rich man to have no problem to live. I don’t think that there is not a couple that is lovey-dovey forever. If anything, few ladies who have a hard time after marriage might envy a lady who doesn’t marry. When I explained Non-duality before in my blog, I said that all human lives are already fixed like a novel. Everything is already set. In short, it has already been decided whether or not you can get married. 
 It is OK to get along with the situation without giving it much thought. If you do want to marry, by all means, it is good for you to get married to someone with light glue. Some couples will get along with each other, but others couldn’t get along the same way. Nobody knows if you can get happy marriage or not. Therefore, you need easy-going; I go for it. The same thing might be effective for other things besides marriage. There is no way but to try it all at once.

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