『歎異抄をひらく』 BY 高森顕徹(たかもり けんてつ)

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なんでやねん? と思われるでしょう。


 この世界にあるものすべては常に変化しています。人間は変化するものでは満足できないようになっているのです。一時的な満足ではなく、永遠の満足を手に入れるにはどうしたらいいのか? 永遠に変わらない何かを発見するしかありません。脳が作り上げた幻想の世界から目覚め、愛に満ちた世界を探しましょう。

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『Open the Tannisyo』BY Kentetu Takamori.

“Zen’nin’na omote ojo su. Iwan’ya akunin oya.”
 Yuien, who is Sinran’s disciple, said this sentence in the Tannisyo. The ruling states that the good people can go to the heaven; even more, the wrong people can go to the heaven. Maybe, you will ask the god, why? Furthermore, you will understand the wrong people could do all bad things. You should understand this sentence correctly. If we lived in this world following a script that somebody, who controls everything in this world, gave us, what role do we want to play? Everybody wants to play an excellent position. Doesn’t he? But, in this world, which exists good and bad things, somebody must play the wrong role. Nobody would want to undertake the wrong part. I think that because a person receives an incorrect position, so they go to heaven. In this book, all humans are sinful and living troubling someone. That is to say, almost all humans are the wrong creatures, and Amidasama, full of great mercy, cannot wait to save bad people. Furthermore, people praying to Amida Buddha would think that everything does not bother them. It follows that even though we experience difficult situations or misfortune, we would keep imperturbability. For example, a trivial thing, an episode that the teacher scolded you because you didn’t do the homework, will not have so much time to recover your spirits. If you had a traffic accident and got physically handicapped, ii would be unable to recover so soon. I think that we humans will never understand the law of nature and the universe itself. According to this book, as for the Buddhist invocation, we couldn’t say anything, explain, and even imagine it because it is beyond human intelligence. As the ant cannot understand humans, so we cannot Buddha. But, I feel that Amida Buddha would weaken our hatred when we are upset and cannot forgive someone. Everybody is living bothering someone. From the trivial problem to the felony, Amida Buddha forgives us so that we can live in this world. If we live in this way, we might ignore the person who has bothered us with a compassionate heart.

Everything in this world shall be changing. We couldn’t satisfy with things that are changing. What should we do to get permanent satisfaction, not temporary happiness? We have no way, but we are looking for something that will never change. Wake up from the illusionary world that our brain built! Search the world full of love!

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