A missile base in North Korea!・Is Japan in range? 日本は射程域か?

Hello. Everyone! According to Nihonkeizaishinbun, there is a missile base in which all of Japan is within range in North Korea. President Trump permits it, said, “screw it.”. Is it OK for us Japanese to ask America to help us?

みなさま、こんにちは! 日本経済新聞によると、北朝鮮南部に日本全土が射程域にはいるミサイル基地があるとのこと。トランプ大統領は、まっ、いいっかぁ、という感じで北朝鮮を容認している様子。こんなアメリカに「日本を守ってね」とお願いしても大丈夫なのか?

It seems that CSIS ( Center for Strategic and International Studies ) made a significant announcement. In the south part of North Korea, There are 20 missile facilities, one of which is operating missiles that cover 1000㎞ which covers all of Japan. CSIS says that they need to put North Korea’s report or dissolution of a missile base into the way of thinking about a mutual agreement between the U.S and North Korea. Since May, North Korea has repeated a missile test. They are devoted to their studies. President Trump looks like he acts as if he didn’t know because America is OK. On the other hand, some people say that North Korea’s provocation will never end due to the President’s attitude like that.


I feel like that president Trump asks North Korea, said, “I want you to launch a missile to Japan. Then Abe will buy lots of our defense equipment. It is quite profitable.”. Is it just my delusion? I wish North Korea would stop launching any missile. Do we Japanese take peace for granted? Although they shoot lots of rockets, we might think “yes, again? I know you are launching a missile so that it cannot reach Japan.”. I remember that Chinese media wrote an article that keeps guard on Japan. It says, “Japan has a technique to make a nuclear weapon without any test. Japan can become a nuclear superpower quickly. Japan is the first country that sacrificed an atomic bomb and continued to claim denuclearization. On the other hand, some people say that Japan also should have nuclear weapons. They insist that we must revise the constitution and tell the world that the Japanese self-defense force has its function to protect Japan.

ひょっとしてトランプさんは、北朝鮮に「日本にミサイルを打ってほしい。そしたら、阿部さんが僕達アメリカの防衛商品をたくさん買ってくれるから、儲かるわい!」とかなんとか言っているような気がするのは私だけの妄想でしょうか? ミサイルはいい加減にやめてほしいです。日本人は平和ボケしているせいか、これだけミサイルを打たれているというのに、あっ、またかぁ、どうせ日本に当たらないように打ってるんでしょう、と思いがち。かつて、中国メディアが日本を警戒する記事を書いたのを思い出します。「日本は核実験なしで核兵器を作る技術がある、短期間で中国以上の核兵器大国になる能力がある」と言っています。日本は世界初の核爆弾の犠牲になり、非核化の声を上げ続けています。しかし一方では、日本も核兵器を持つべきだという声もあり、憲法を改正して、日本の自衛隊本来の機能を明記するべきだと主張する人もいます。

Which do you think is better? If President Trump’s head is full of making money, Japan might run away from the American nuclear umbrella.

どっちがいいのでしょうね? もし、トランプさんの頭の中が商売のことでいっぱいなら、日本はさっさとアメリカの核の傘から一抜けたしたほうがいいかもしれませんね。

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