Ninenzaka in Kyoto・二年坂

Hi. Friends! Have you ever been to Ninenzaka in Kyoto? I do recommend this area to people who love taking a photo. Ninenzaka fallowed thorough with Sanneizaka is a quite famous spot, which leads to Kiyomizu temple and has beautiful stone pavements and Japanese-style architectures which is a very Kyoto view. You can enjoy Kyoto just taking a walk in Ninenzaka because there are many Japanese-style restaurants and souvenir stores. It is a very photogenic place, whether it rains or shines. I am sure that you would have an excellent memory to wear Kimono walking there. You can find a rental Kimono shop easily.

みなさま、こんにちは! 京都の二年坂に行ったことはありますか? 風景の写真を取るのが好きな方にはお勧めの場所です。二年坂は清水寺に向かう参道で、産寧坂から続く石畳や最も京都らしい町並みのスポットとして有名です。多くの飲食店や土産物屋が並び、歩いているだけでも京都を満喫できます。晴れていても、雨が降っていても、とてもフォトジェニックな場所ですよ。京都には着物のレンタル屋さんがたくさんあるので、着物を着て二年坂を歩くのもいい思い出になること請け合いです。

The legend of “Ninenzaka” & “Sanneizaka”

When Hideyoshi Toyotomi lived in Todaiji Temple, His legal wife used to go up to Kiyomizu temple through Sanneizaka hoping to have a baby. The above is the reason why it was named Sanneizaka. 「産寧」means “easy delivery.” As far as the name of Ninenzaka is concerned, there is a disgusting legend which is “you die within two years if you trip and fall on Ninenzaka.”. However, don’t worry. The place named Ninenzaka in 807 when they redeveloped the slope, which means “be careful so that you don’t fall.”. Be careful, especially when it is rainy.


豊臣秀吉が高台寺に住んでいた時、正妻が子供の誕生を念じながら坂を上がって清水寺にお参りしていたことから、産寧坂という名前がついたそうです。「産寧」はeasy deliveryを意味しています。また、二年坂でつまずき転ぶと二年以内に死ぬ、という忌まわしい言い伝えがありますが、ご安心ください。二年坂は807年に坂が整備された時に付けられました。転ばないように気をつけてください、という意味のもとにつけられた名前だそうです。雨の日は特に気をつけてくださいね。


From JR Kyoto station
At Chuoguchi (on the side that you can see the Kyoto tower), you get on a bus No206 at D2 and get off at Kiyomizumiti station. Riding time is 15 minutes.

From Hankyukawaramati station
You get on a bus No207 at Sijyodori (bound for the east ) and get off at Kiyomizumiti. Riding time is 5 minutes.

From Keihangionsijyo station
You get on a bus No207 at Sijyodori ( bound for the east ) and get off at Kiyomizumiti. Riding time is 5 minutes.






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The store’s name is Kiyomizuzaka no ohashiyasann. when you buy chopsticks here, you can ask them to get your chopsticks to have your names.

Yasakakoshindo is a famous photogenic place.


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