Yasuikonpiragu・安井金毘羅宮 in Kyoto

Yasuikonpiragu has an intense god in Kyoto. God has an enormous power to get rid of every evil connection. Let’ eliminate harmful links and get good relationships. Sutoku emperor that is the main enshrined deities has lived secluded from the world in the Sanuki Konpiragu after he broke all greed. Therefore, this shrine came to be the place to ask God to get rid of evil relationships. Furthermore, Sutoku emperor had to break up with ryuhiawanonaishi due to the war, so he decided to get rid of every evil thing from couples who love one another so that they wouldn’t experience heartbreaking farewell. When I look at Emas, I found that there are lots of people who want to divorce. But I hear that God could get rid of alcohol, Tabacco, disease, bad friends, etc. instead of a bad connection between a man and a woman. You will contribute more than 100 yen ( more than about $1) to get a Katashiro. You will write a good connection with something or someone in the right space of a Katashiro, a bad relationship which you want to get rid of on the left side of a Katashiro. ( according to a Shinto priest, they don’t have strict rules. )  As you watched in my Youtube, you will go through a stone tunnel with a Katashiro wishing to get rid of a bad relationship from “表(Front)” to 裏(Back), and you will go through desiring to get a good connection again from “裏(Back) to 表(Front).
After I prayed at this shrine, unpleasant emails stopped coming. Enormous God!!

〒605-0823  70 Shimobentencho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto Japan
☎ 075-561-5123

京都の安井金毘羅神宮では、あらゆる悪縁を切ってくださる強烈な神様がお祀りしてあります。悪縁を切り、良縁を頂きましょう。主祭神の崇徳天皇は、讃岐の金毘羅宮で一切の欲を断ち切って尾籠(おこもり)されたことから、当宮は古来より断ち物の祈願所として信仰されてきました。また、戦によって龍妃阿波内侍とお別れにならざるを得なかった崇徳上皇は、人々がご自身のような悲しい境遇にあわないように幸せな男女のえにしを妨げる全ての悪縁を絶ってくださいます。絵馬を見ると、離婚したい人が多いと思いましたが、男女の縁切りだけではなく、酒やタバコ、病気や悪い友達などとも縁がすっぱりと気持ちいいほど切れます。 一枚百円以上のご奉納をして形代を買ってください。縁を結びたい内容を形代の右側に、縁を切りたい内容を左側に(神主さんに聞くと、どのように書いてもかまわないそうです)書いて、動画にあった「表」から「うら」に、切りたい縁を念じながら縁切り石のトンネルをくぐってください。次に「うら」から「表」に結びたい縁を願いながら、トンネルをくぐってください。 私の場合、いつも送られてくる嫌な郵便物がピタリと来なくなりました。すごい神様です。

〒605-0823 京都市東山区下弁天町70

<How to pray>
1. You will tell God your troubles in front of the main shrine.
2. You will buy a white paper called Katashiro. Any sum will do. (at least 100yen)
3. You will write your wishes on a Katashiro. A proper connection should write on the right of the Katashiro and an evil Link printed on the left.
4. You will stand in front of the Enkiri Stone ( in Japanese language “表” ) holding the Katashiro and praying to God so that you can break with a bad connection, and crawling through a tunnel in a sizeable Ema-shaped stone, next, you will stand on the back of the Enkiri Stone ( in Japanese language “裏” ) still holding the Katashiro and praying God so that you can get a good connection, and crawling through a hole again (from back to front).
5. Finally, you will stick the Katashiro onto the Enkiri Stone with glue. You don’t have to bring glue to the shrine. The shrine has adhesive.

I hope you enjoy the Yasui Konpura gu when you come to Kyoto.



the main shrine of Yasuikonpiragu

Enkiri Stone




“Front” of the Enkiri Stone



“Back” of the Enkiri Stone



Torii of Yasuikonpiragu

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