Pork roll with Kinpira Gobo・ゴボウ巻き

皆まさ、こんにちは! 今日は、きんぴらごぼうを豚肉で巻いた料理を紹介します。簡単にできて、下ごしらえさえしていれば、冷蔵庫から取り出してパパッとできあがり! 焼くまでの工程を作り置きできます。野菜などを添えて彩豊に作ってくださいね。

Hello. Friends! I’m going to introduce a cuisine cooking with Kinpira Gobo rolled with pork. It is quite easy to cook if only you prepare for it before you start cooking: You can cook it quickly after you take ingredients from a refrigerator. You can keep preliminary arrangements in a refrigerator. You had better add vegetables and so on to the cuisine to make it colorful.



<作り方><How to cook>

①pare burdock. It is easy to use the other side of a knife. Cut it a longer size of Kinpila Gobo.

②Pare carrot and cut the same way as burdock.

Bake cut burdock and carrot in a frying pan. When they become soft, add Irikodashi, water, soy sauce, and sugar. Put the lid on and steam them.

④Cool Kinpira Gobo in the refrigerator: I always cool it at once in the freezer. Do not put hot Kinpira Gobo around pork because pork gets rotten.

⑤Bake ④ in a frying pan.







⑥Add sauce, salad and so on to finish: ready-made steak sauce and  crab salad.

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