Revised “The Emperor’s New Clothes”・パンツまで脱ぐなんて!

In the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the child said that the Emperor was naked. But he had to continue parading to the castle with burning shame. Nobody wants to be regarded as a fool, so everybody told a lie. said I could see the Emperor’s clothes. Some people worry too much about what other people think. I revised this story for this poor Emperor.


Long long ago, there was an Emperor who was very stylish, loved clothes. One day, a designer came to the castle saying that he wanted to tailor the Emperor’s clothes. His name was korokoro channel. The Emperor showed him to the living room. The designer said, “I will use this special cloth, which is invisible to a fool.” When he pretended to unfold a cloth, One vassal discovered the man’s deceit soon. He informed the Emperor of it. Two said, “Let’s make a strategy!” in a whisper.


Even though the Emperor knew that he was a con man, he told him to tailor his clothes. In nearly an hour, he completed the attire. When the Emperor appeared wearing the new clothes in front of vassals, they praised him in high terms saying, “Fantastic!” “Beautiful!” Then, the Emperor said to the con man. “Why don’t you make my boxer shorts? I want you to make all clothing made of your wonderful cloth.” And he took off his boxer shorts.


Looking at the man in dismay, the Emperor ran up to him and said, “Please! It is lovely cloth, so, make my boxers pants as well.” The Emperor implored him enthusiastically, shaking the man’s shoulder gently. Every time the Emperor shook the man’s shoulder, the Emperor’s prick was swinging.


He manufactured the Emperor’s boxer pants with reluctance. The Emperor was over the moon and jumped about positively exaggeratedly. Of course, he pretended to be extremely happy and ordered the man to wear the same clothes and boxer pants.


“You are a world-renowned korokoro channel! Before we start a parade, you should wear your hand-made clothes and boxer pants. I will introduce you to people as my designer. The Emperor said. The man was told to wear invisible clothes and boxer pants and was stripped naked. At that time, every vassal knew that the man was the con man. They teased him, shouting, “It looks good on you,” “Your cock is cool!” “or something.


The police came. The man was arrested as a flagrant offender on fraud and genital exposure. One of the vassals had called the police.


Annoying a person is like throwing trash against a foul wind. Debris shall come back to a person who annoyed someone.



Thank you very much for reading this blog thought to the end.


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