Salmon & Tartar Sauce

Hi! friends!  You don’t know what to cook tonight! I will talk about the food that is delicious, easy to cook, to just heat up before you eat when your family come home if only you make preparations for it. This is the information corner to introduce the food that is particular about “simple”, “inexpensive”, and “delicious”. Even though you are so busy, you don’t have to be worry about anything if only you make preparations. I hope this blog is your good partner that makes you have more free time that you can do what you like.

今晩は何にしようかなぁ、と悩んでいるあなた! 下ごしらえさえしておけば、家族が帰ってきた時に、温めてさっと出せて美味しい料理を紹介しています。簡単! 安い! 美味しい! にこだわって料理を紹介するコーナーです。忙しくても、空いている時間に下ごしらえをしておけば、後は何も考えなくてもよし! 少しでも自分の時間を増やしたいあなたにピッタリの時間つくりパートナーがこのブログです。



chopped hard-boiled eggs / chopped onion boiled briefly / boneless salmon / mayonnaise/ mustard / salt and pepper / sugar

How to cook・作り方

①Remove all bones out of salmon. You will heat oil in a pan and bake salmon crisply. It is easy to remove bones with a tweezer. When you touch surface of salmon, you will notice small bone in salmon. Remove all bones.

②Chop hard-boiled two eggs.

③Boil chopped onion briefly and save it on a basket.

④Mix chopped hard-boiled eggs and chopped onion, add to it mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper and sugar.

⑤Stir ④ with a paddle well, add flavor to it to your liking and finish it in favorite taste. And then, all you have to do is that put crisp salmon and tartar sauce in a refrigerator. when you want to eat it, you can warm up only salmon in the microwave and eat it with tartar sauce. If you have time, add boiled spinach. You will enjoy a colorful dish.

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