Hi. everyone! How are you?
Today, I will introduce you a very famous place in Hiroshima city, which is called Okonomimura. Have you ever had Okonomiyaki? it is one of the typical dishes of Hiroshima;It is so yummy! I’m sure it will make you feel on top of the world. You can choose your favorite ingredients from menu. I love seafood especially. I ordered “Special” which includes pork egg, shrimp, squad and noodles. There are lots of Okonomiyaki restaurants at Okonomimura. I chose “SUIDUN” ”水軍”

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LOOK! I tried this dish.

Okonomimura is located near the alice garden ; 5-13 shintenchi nakaku Hiroshima city Hiroshima.
The alice garden is also famous in Hiroshima city. there are lots of young people enjoying shopping, concert, and eating. you are not so young? it’s OK. don’t worry. It is a very friendly town from children to the elderly.
Look at this pretty area. you can see the signboard of “お好み村” “Okonomimura”

Look at this map! All restaurants from the 4th floor to the 7th floor are Okonomiyaki restaurants.

Sore interior is like this. very colorful, smelling good, getting hungry. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Here is a menu of Suigun (水軍). You can read both in English and Japanese. I hear there are many foreign customers. Don’t worry, you can order in English. Store clerks can speak English.

I found a paper which explains about Okonomiyaki in English. I took a picture of it by permission of clerks.

There are many famous people’s signs there. Sanfrecce Hiroshima is a soccer team.

In the end, I want you to watch inside of Okonomiyaki. Soft squad and shrimp are very delicious. It is difficult to explain of its taste only with a picture, but noodle is awesome. They said they have original way of cooking. It is secret, they said. I do want you to try Okonomiyaki at Suigun “水軍”!!




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