Sometimes stupidity is nice!

Hello. Everybody! There are only three months this year. Finally, hot summer is over. I’m looking back on this year admiring the autumn sky. Now that I think about it, I remember that I was really shocked at a fortune telling book last year. It said that I would had a very bad fortune next year. I was trying not to believe it, but the fortune telling has come true. I’m sorry that I cannot tell you a story. I was obliged to experience a very rare case. I spent lots of money because we family members couldn’t do anything. No, we did all things that we could, but we couldn’t resolve it. I left it to a lawyer and we got a good result.

This year, my “must” and “should” stood out in relief. In the communication with the lawyer, I insisted that we MUST ○○, we SHOULD △△, and I was scared of meaningless imagination of the future, or I decided anything prematurely thinking that it must be △△ because it is ○○.

This year, this very rare experience made me able to grow up so that I can think a problem a little bit flexibly. Sometimes stupidity is nice to stop my worries.


Do not make life define

Right things and wrong things.
A person you like and a person you dislike.
Pure things and dirty things.
We are having hard time,
trying to make everything clear.
Making life indistinct
helps you to live easily.



Unless the lie comes out,
the lie is real for a person who heard it.
If it is a lie that make a person happy,
there is no problem at all.
The power a person believe something is strong.
Even a placebo can heal a person
who has suffered from insomnia.



To the surprising degree,
I’m still surviving.
Even though I envy someone
hoping that I want to live like him,
it is impossible for me to do it.
Due to the shadow called characteristics,
I grow disgusted with myself that never changes.
Nevertheless, I am still alive.
I will never commit suicide.
We are winners if only we are alive.


Thank you for reading this post through to the end.




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