Mind would not become strong

Hello! Everyone. Today, I wrote what I just came up with. We encounter various difficulties in our life. Some people get over soon, others worry about difficulties for a long time. Physical disease and injury or psychic painful happening might be a serious matter or a trivial matter because they are different for different people. You must not be influenced by other’s word “Don’t be discouraged at such a trivial thing.” Mind would not become strong.



mind would not become strong

you couldn’t make your mind strong.
so, it is useless to train your mind.
Let’s forgive yourself as you are now.
Even though it is the same difficulties,
some can stand it, others not.
It doesn’t mean that
a preserving person has the right
to criticize a person
who cannot stand the same difficulties.
Mind would not become strong.
But I want to have a flexible mind.
Like a sponge that absorb shocks.
Difficulties come one after another in life.
Run away from it if you can.
with absorptive power like a sponge,
catch difficulties, and drop it softly.
I want to live easily like a pond skater.


Network of minds

We distinguish ourselves from others.
It is the human world.
So, we become unable to understand
the fact we live together.
we become selfish.
When our position are in crisis,
we pretend not to see a person who is in trouble.
When you get your leg hurt,
will your hands or other parts of your body say
”we are not injured, we have nothing to do with a leg.”?
As we all get the benefits of others,
one person’s pain is everybody’s pain.
Look at the things we use every day.
Almost of all are not things we made by ourselves.
We live under the shadow with somebody else.
Yes, somebody is a person we have never met.
Let’s appreciate invisible network.




abandon and abandon and abandon!

we come to abandon adherence to many things
with advancing years.
In the latter half of our life,
we give up various things.
No, we have to give up them.
Both women and men give up their good looks.
Everybody doesn’t have as much energy
as he or she used to.
Everybody is forced to retired.
We abandon things we couldn’t get back.
What will be the last one in life?
It is the fact that we are not attached to anything.
That is the way I like it to be.
When I turn around,
I shall see the wreck of adherence next to my footprints.


Thank you for reading my post through to the end.




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