Contest #14 My favorite scenery

My favorite scenery is Times Square in NY. It might be the most energetic place in the world. I love to see powerful illumination and signboards of international companies. Times Square is the area around the intersection of 42st. 7Ave and Broadway. It is a general term of a city center and intersection at midtown of Manhattan.

Macy’s department store

There is the Macy’s department store around there. It makes the area more brilliant. A lady in the picture has a white paper bag with a red star which is a symbol of the Macy’s department store. It is located at broad acres from 34st to 35st, which is listed in the Guinness world records as a department that has the widest sales floor area.

You can buy side dishes in self-service

Signboards are large and shining brilliantly even at daytime. The center of the world! There are some self-service shops, at which you can buy various kinds of side dishes displaying on shelves and show-cases. You pack them on a plastic case and bring it to a register. Only 10 dollars makes you enjoy many side dishes. It is very convenient when you don’t feel like cooking.

Enjoy Art

There are lots of artists of music and picture. You can enjoy cool music with a light rhythm in the street. When I was in NY, CDs were being sold at the 42st of the subway. I regret having not bought it.

You can see a store of New York Yankees in this picture. I bought my son a New York Yankees’s baseball cap and a ball as souvenirs. There are many kinds of goods like Yankees’s uniform and so on, just watching goods makes me feel happy!

Many subway lines are concentrated at 42st

At a period in my stay in Manhattan, I have been in Chelsea. I could go to the Times Squire on foot. If I can remember correctly, it takes 30~40 minutes to get to Times Squire from my apartment. There are many lines from 42st, which make you able to go various places. S line, like a Tozaisen in Kyoto Japan, takes you to East Manhattan.

Look this map! It’s classified colorfully.


I think Times Square is the place with a marvelous view for people living in an energetic way. It give you more and more energy, motivation and vitality. That is a very nice view! However, it might be the place that deprives you of your energy when you are down.


Thank you very much for reading my post through to the end.



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