MASK (You can read this short story’s exposure of trick)

Strange to say, I am looking for myself. My face has a small mole on the middle of the forehead. Not beautiful, but a charming face. Oh, good old days! I had lots of friends and used to go for a drink and speak evil of a boss. What on earth where is myself?







One morning, when I woke up, I found that I was gone. Myself in a mirror was quite a different person. Large bright eyes like a westerner. Clear skin. Shapely nose. No mole on the middle of the forehead.

I woke up my younger sister soon, and let her look at my face. Looking at me in a fluster, she said “why are you so frustrated? Hurry up, or you will be late for work.” She said to keep her countenance. Looking my face, my father and mother also didn’t react at all.

At my work place, there was nobody who was surprised to see me. They said to me “Good morning Ms. Yamada.” When it comes to a clear change, I was dealing with my work quickly and efficiently. I was good at my work! However, my friend Yoko was very cold to me. I lost touch with not only Yoko but also everybody that was getting along with me.

I came to like my beautiful face, and I was enjoying to put on makeup. I came to be liked by my boss who I had hated. He bought me a brand bag, and is treating me differently at an office. But, I have run into a lot of flak from women staffs. I want to get back what I used to be.

It happened one night. While looking at me in a mirror, I noticed a white thread on my shoulder. I pulled and pulled and pulled it. My shoulder was getting itchy. I got off my clothes to notice that a thread is coming out of my body itself. A thread was getting thicker to become a rope and then a big lump. When I pulled it with all my strength, one lady came out of my body with a big sound “thud!”

What! She is what I used to be. I found myself at last. “give me back my face!” I shouted in annoyance. She, no, original me said to me. “I also want to go back to you. But your mask wouldn’t let me go back to you. That beautiful mask…….”

She said like that, opened the window, and disappeared into the darkness of night. Only my hoarse voice “Wait!” was swollen in the mystery night.

Next morning, I found myself in the bed. Was that a dream? I hope it was a dream. But a piece of  long white thread was laid toward the window. My beautiful face in a mirror.

I stopped wearing makeup. Why am I disliked by everybody? Ok, I am beautiful without makeup, I don’t have to worry about makeup. My beautiful face let me make a fresh start. I went to work and was subjected to a cold stare again.

I finally got lunch break time and went to the staff canteen. Someone was patting me on the shoulder. I turned around to see the person. She was an original me. She said “From now on, I am Ms. Hujimoto at General Coordination Division. Thanks.” I was surprised to ask her loudly “What happened to Ms. Hujimoto?”

“Nobody doesn’t want her face! But there is nobody who is a person of character like her. Her kindness is a virtue.” Said an original me.

I also like her very much. She has a pure heart. I talked a chain of events to my family. They said. “Why don’t you become a novelist?” They would have nothing at all to do with me.

Next morning, my face in a mirror changed again.


A perfect person with good-looking, clear-thinking, and so on tends to be subject to jealousy. It is a human’s ironic nature that he or she doesn’t need to be ostracized in his or her village because he or she has half-baked part. Many people love potato-head person.


Who deprived Ms. Yamada of her body? I am very glad to get your comment if you like. I don’t mind who it is or what it is. A monster, an insect, a person’s name will do.


Thank you very much for reading my story through to the end.

See you.



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