A 1000-armed cannon will help you fight the suffering !

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Why don’t you go to kyoto to see beautiful statues ? Sanjusangendo is one of the most popular temples as a national treasure, which has 1001 Buddhist statues,  located in eastern kyoto. The temple was founded in 1164 and rebuilt a century later after the original structure had been destroyed in a fire. 


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National treasure

Measuring 120 meters, the temple hall is Japan’s longest wooden structure. The name Sanjusangendo  derives from the number of intervals between the building’s support columns, a traditional method of measuring the size of a building. Sanjyusan means 33 in Japanese. 33 columns has supported the temple. In the center of the main hall sits a large, wooden statue of a 1000-armed Kannon (Senju Kannon) that is flanked on each side by 500 statues of human sized 1000-armed Kannon standing in ten rows. It is very spectacular sight. I do want you to see them with your own eyes. you can also enjoy a beautiful garden with pretty cherry blossoms in spring. 

Cannon statue

1000-armed Kannon are equipped with 11 heads to better witness the suffering of humans and with 1000 arms to better help them fight the suffering. Look at the actual statues. They have only 42 arms each. Subtract the two regular arms and multiply by the 25 methods to help people to get the full thousand. Thousand means “infinity” in Buddhism. 1001 statues give off the infinite goddess of mercy. I am sure you are impressed with overflowing goddess of mercy there. When I saw these statues first, the tears came into my eyes.

The public aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the Sanjusangendo hall.  This is to preserve the peaceful experience for everyone and ensure the temple is treated with the correct respect.  You can purchase the official postcards within the temple. You can also buy  various kinds of talisman. I bought one for my mother who has been suffering asthma. Thanks for this talisman, my mother’s cough was healed. I’m sure that a Buddha statue called senjyukannon which has infinite methods of helping people healed my mother.

How to enjoy statues

The god of thunder

Before 1001 Buddha statues, there are 28 Buddhist deities who protect the universe and two temple guardians, the god of thunder (Raijin) and wind (Fujin). You will be surprised at their appearance which is really lifelike. Especially, as for eyes, you will feel like you’re being drawn into their eyes. Your heart will be full.

Walking along a corridor, you will speak to 1001 Buddha statues in your heart saying ” I want you to heal my headache” etc.  Don’t utter a voice !  You are regarded as a madman (lol). The goddess of mercy has great power to heal or help your suffering. It is said that as least one of them can help you. Their faces are different with each other. There are no same face among these. You can find one statue that resembles you. They are arranged so that you can see one by one. When you can find one that resembles you, you will be able to get the great goddess power and heal yourself. Great !!




Sanjusangendo is located next to the Hakubutsukan-Sanjusangendo-mae bus stop (10 minutes, 230 yen from kyoto Station by bus numbers 100, 206 or 208) or a five minute walk from Shichijo Station along the Keihan Line.

Alternatively, it takes about twenty minutes to walk there from Kyoto Station (1.6km). You don’t have to follow a particular route on foot as the streets in Kyoto are laid out in a rough grid system.  Work your way north to the next major east-west road which is Shichijo Dori then east, crossing the river until you come to the temple on the right.

Enjoy your trip 💛

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💙 practice 💙

①I don’t know how to fill out an application form.
申込書の(   )方が分かりません。
1 書く  2 書き  3 書い  4 書いて
correct answer

②I taught Ms. Noriko how to dance in salsa.
のり子さんに、サルサの(   )方を教えた。
1 おどる  2 おどって  3 おど  4 おどり
correct answer

③Teach me how to play this game.
このゲームの(   )方を教えてくれ。
1 やる  2 やり  3 やって  4 やんで
correct answer

④I went to the new supermarket.
新しいスーパーに(   )みました。
1 行った  2 行って  3 行き  4 行く
correct answer

⑤I also want to wear that clothes.
私もその服を(   )みたい。
1 着る  2 着た  3 着て  4 着いて
correct answer

⑥I wonder where a hospital is. Why don’t you ask at the police box?
病院はどこかなぁ。 交番で(   )みる?
1 聞きて  2 聞って  3 聞いて  4 聞き
correct answer

⑦This cellphone is easy to use.
この携帯は(   )やすいです。
1 使う  2 使い  3 使わ  4 使え
correct answer

⑧This Chinese character is hard to learn.
この漢字は(   )にくい!
1 覚える  2 覚えて  3 覚え  4 覚い
correct answer

⑨It is easy to catch cold when you are sleep deprived.
寝不足の時は風邪を(   )やすいです。
1 ひき  2 ひく  3 ひい  4 ひか
correct answer

⑩Plastic cup doesn’t break easily.
プラスチックのコップは(   )にくい。
1 割れ  2 割る  3 割って  4 割れる
correct answer

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