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Kuginuki Jizo

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Today, I will introduce a very famous temple in Kyoto. Shakuzou temple is located at Nishijin district where is famous for nishijin brocade. In this temple, a removing nail Jizo is enshrined. It is called Kuginuki-Jizo in Japanese, which means getting rid of a nail. The high ranked Buddhist priest, Kobo Daishi, established this temple in 819. It is said that he brought a rock from China and  inscribed the Jizo Bosatsu Budda on it himself. He enshrined the statue and prayed, “May this budda get rid of all kinds of misfortunes and illnesses from people.” This is how this temple got its name: “Kuginuki” means getting rid of pains and hardships. people come to this temple to heal their pain and be released hardship. Not only is there the main hall where the Jizo stutue is enshrined, but also you can pray to get rid of your hardships by walking around the temple.

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How to pray 

First, you will buy a candle and an incense stick. Please light and offer them in front of the Budda, and pray “May this budda get rid of my pain, or hardships, or illnesses, or misfortune etc” and then you get split bamboos equal to your age. you can find a box full of bamboos at the side of the temple. Your age must be Kazoedoshi. If your birthday is 2018 October 1st and you are 20 years old at 2018 March 1st, your Kazoedoshi age is 22. In Japanese age reckoning, two is added to one’s age before his birthday, or one after it. Second, you will walk around the temple clockwise the number of times as your age holding split bamboos. If you are so old that you can not hold all bomboos, you can put them in a kind of paper bag. Every time you make a circuit of the temple, you return a bamboo to a box. you will repeat it until your bamboos are all gone. That’s all. it’s very simple.

★ 新しいドメインゲット! 人を幸せにするサイトは人気がある💛

an Episode at Muromachi period

At  Muromachi of period, an merchant has suffered from the pain of both hands. He tried so many kinds of medical treatments. However the pain has never gone. He came to the Shakuzou temple which is famous for Kuginukijizo who can get rid of pain. It is said that he prayed for 7 days. At the 7th night, Kuginukijizo appeared in his dream and said “You cursed a person in a former life. You hit a nail to a straw doll to curse him. So, this pain means a penalty that you did in a former life.” Kuginukijizo pulled two nails from his both hands and showed him them. When he got up in the morning, his pain was gone. He wondered it and went to the shakuzou temple. He saw two bloody nails in front of Kuginukijizo!! Those nails were the same nails as he had seen in his dream.

Votive tablet called EMA in japanese language

Since then, people who has suffered from many kinds of diseases prayed at this temple. People came to appreciate Kuginukijizo for having got rid of their pain. It is the custom in this temple to dedicate an EMA which is put two nails on it after your pain or hardships is gone. You can trust Kuginukijizo’s power to see so many EMAs put on the temple’s wall.

I do recommend you going to this wonderful temple when you go to Kyoto.

💙 practice  💙

① I go out early tomorrow, so I set an alarm.
明日は早く出かけるから、目覚まし時計を(   )おきます。
1 かける  2 かけて 3 かけた  4 かけ
correct answer

② Please go ahead to the shop and get our seats.
先に店に行って、席を(   )おいて。
1 とる  2 とり  3 とった  4 とって
correct answer

③ Cause I drink it later, please just leave a cup.
あとで飲むからコップをそのままに(   )おいてください。
1 する  2 して  3 しる  4 しって
correct answer

④ I bought lunches of everybody.
みんなの弁当は、私が(   )おいたよ。
1 買った  2 買って  3 買う  4 買い
correct answer

⑤ Can I drink all of this juice?
このジュース、全部(   )もいいですか。
1 飲む  2 飲み  3 飲んで  4 飲んだ
correct answer

⑥ Today, can I stay at Maria’s house?
今日、マリアさんの家に(   )もいい?
1 とまる  2 とまりて  3 とまって  4 とまて
correct answer

⑦ Since a cat Tama died, my grandmother is crying for a long time.
ねこのタマが死んで、おばあさんは(   )つづけています。
1 なく  2 ないた  3 ないて  4 なき
correct answer

⑧ Since I came back to my country, I have continued keeping in touch.
国に帰ってからも、連絡を(   )つづけています。
1 とり  2 とる  3 とって  4 とった
correct answer

⑨ Does a person called Carlos work in that factory?
あの工場では、カルロスという(   )が働いていますか?
1 国  2 人  3 会社  4 ことば
correct answer

⑩ Do you know Thai soup called tom yum goong?
トムヤムクン(   )タイのスープを知っていますか?
1 とか  2 という  3 の  4 や
correct answer

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