Horrible ! You will die not more than two years ??

Ninenzaka and Sannenzak

when it comes to Kyoto, What do you imagine ? The beautiful Japanese building comes to my mind. The area of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka is one of the most beautiful in Kyoto. A stroll down the narrow road leading to and from the Kiyomizudera temple will lead to Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka. On these famous streets which is lined with old wooden houses, you can enjoy traditional shops and restaurants in Japanese style buildings. The shops offer lots of traditional items, from incense to fans to woven goods. These streets have been preserved to keep the stone, and very beautiful even on rainy day cause buildings are reflected in the wet stone.  If you like Japanese retro atmosphere, I recommend you this place definitely. One more thing! “Ninen” means “2 years” in Japanese and “zaka” means “slope” in Japanese. Tradition says that you will die not more than two years if you fall down on the Ninenzaka street. The Sannenzaka is in the same case. But don’t worry about it. It just means that you must be very careful when you walk on a steep slope. 

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Restaurant in Ninenzaka

SAIJIKI TOSHIGAMI (歳時記 年神): You can enjoy various kinds of Japanese Sake and seasonal dishes. The shop keeper has trained since the age of 18, and has an uncommon ability.

KYOTOJUGEN(京都幽玄): I recommend you this restaurant if you like Japanese style building. The old Mr.Mitui’s residence was remodeled into a restaurant after it’s interiors were renovated. 

Manjiro(萬次郎): Enjoy local cuisine of Kyoto. You can call a geisha or a maiko in your room. Puffer fish and crab are very delicious.

THE SODOH HIGASHIYAMA KYOTO : I’m sure you will be attracted by beautiful Japanese garden. Why don’t you eat special dishes viewing it. This building was built by a famous Japanese master painter, Seihou Takeuchi.

HIKOHACHI(彦八): Sushi goes without saying, you can enjoy seasonal dishes, Japanese Sake, etc. You can also enjoy a party course with 2 hour all-you-can-drink.

ICHIJUYOUSAI NOICHI (一汁洋菜のいち): They are particular about fresh ingredients and serve dishes at a reasonable price. If you are homesick for your country’s food, try it.

KOUDAIJI HASHIBA(高台寺羽柴): Do you know Tenpura? It’s a famous Japanese dishes. Enjoy very colorful, cute, delicious Japanese style dishes.

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💙 practice 💙

① I decided to study in a Japanese language class two times a week, so I will be busy.
一週間に二回、日本語教室で(   )ことになったから、忙しい。
1 勉強した  2 勉強して  3 勉強する  4 勉強
correct answer

② I am expected to work in this company.
この会社で働く(   )なりました。
1 ことに  2 ために  3 ときに  4 ものに
correct answer

③ I am not sure if I can finish this job by tomorrow.
この仕事、明日までにできるか(   )わからない。
1 どうして  2 どうにか  3 とうか  4 どっちか
correct answer

④ please give me an E-mail by the evening if you go with me tomorrow.
明日、一緒に(   )夕方までにメールをください。
1 行ったかどうか  2 行くかどうか  3 行ってかどうか  4 行きましたかどうか
correct answer

⑤ I want to buy all of these, but I am worried about if I have enough money to buy.
これを全部買いたいけれど、お金が(   )かどうか心配です。
1 足り  2 足りて  3 足りる  4 足ります
correct answer

⑥ Since I came to Japan, I became to drink alcohol often.
日本に来てから、よくお酒御を飲む(   )なりました。
1 ようだ  2 ような  3 ようで  4 ように
correct answer

⑦ Since I came to talk to Japanese people, I have gotten very good in Japanese.
日本人と(   )ようになってから、日本語がうまくなった。
1 話し  2 話して  3 話した  4 話す
correct answer

⑧ I didn’t like Natto, But now, I came to eat it every morning.
納豆が嫌いでしたが、今は毎日(   )ようになりました。
1 食べます  2 食べた  3 食べて  4 食べる
correct answer

⑨ Because a car moved suddenly, I was surprised.
急に車が(   )から、びっくりした。
1 動き出し  2 動くだす  3 動きだした  4 動いてだす
correct answer

⑩ A baby began to cry, so I give him milk.
赤ちゃんが(   )だしたから、ミルクをあげた。
1 泣き  2 泣い  3 泣く  4 泣か
correct answer

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