Kyoto’s love connection

Jishu Jinja

Today, I will introduce you a wonderful shrine.  Jishu Jinja  stands within the Kiyomizu complex, which is the city’s no. 1 tourist spot and a magnet for bus tours.   It’s one of the most famed match-making shrines in the country, dedicated to the ‘god of love’, Okuninushi.  Anyone looking for romance or marriage is sure to head here, and not surprisingly it’s full of young girls. It’s all to do with the legend of the Rabbit of Inaba. The rabbit told a lie to crocodiles saying “I want to check which has more friends, so bring your fellows here and line up them to the farther shore.” He just wanted to cross the river. But when he almost got to the shore, he said to crocodiles ” I told a lie”. Crocodiles got angry and tore the rabbit’s hair. While he was weeping, Okuninushi found him, and he treated the wounded rabbit. Okuninushi was on the way to see a beautiful prince. She is so beautiful that she has lots of guys who want to marry her. The rabbit foretold to Okuninushi that a prince will marry you. 

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an interesting attraction

You can find two big stones as in a picture. You will stand by one of them (whatever will be fine) and walk to the another stone with your eyes closed. If you arrive in good condition, you will get a guy you like or love. Please try it paying attention so that you wouldn’t hit other visitors.

Good luck charm

There are various kinds of charms here. Each charm has different meaning, which is for love, examination, health, money, etc. When you don’t know which charm is best for you, please check what is your wish. Jishu Jinja’s charms are colorful and cute, they are very popular among young women. I recommend charms for presents.

Hitogata (How to Shoot Trouble)

At the sides of the shrine, you find a couple of tables with hitogata pater figures designed to wash away your problems. These little cut-outs are similar to the sympathetic magic of medieval witchcraft, thereby dolls were used to represent others for healing puroposes.  In this case you write your problem on the hitogata paper, place it in the water (you will find a bucket with water) and it will all be washed away.  It costs 200 yen.

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💙 practice 💙

① Ms.Noriko gave me beautiful flowers on my birthday.
のり子さんは私の誕生日にきれいな花を(   )ました。
1 やり  2 くれ  3 もらい  4あげ
correct answer

② my friend gave me a picture postcard for a Mt.Fuji’s souvenir.
富士山のお土産に友達が絵はがきを(  )。
1 あげました  2 やりました  3 くれました  4 もらいました
correct answer

③ I gave Ms.Noriko a beautiful tray.
私はのり子さん(   )きれいなお皿あげました。
1 に  2 が  3 を  4 と
correct answer

④ My friend gave me delicious cake.
私は友達(   )おいしいケーキをもらいました。
1 を  2 に  3 が  4 へ
correct answer

⑤ Yesterday, a factory head gave me a beer. It was delicious.
昨日、工場長にビールを(   )。おいしかったです。
1 あげた   2 くれた  3 もらった  4 やった
correct answer

⑥ Everyday, I water the flowers two times.
毎日二回、花に水を(   )
1 やります  2 くれます  3 かします  4 もらいます
correct answer

⑦ The book my friend gave me is very interesting.
友達から(   )本は、とてもおもしろい。
1 もらった  2 くれた  3あげた  4 やった
correct answer

⑧ I gave travel souvenirs to everybody.
みんな(   )旅行の土産(   )あげた。
1 の/へ  2 へ/に  3 に/を  4 を/に
correct answer

⑨ This is the watch my father gave me. I really value it.
これは、父が私に(   )時計です。とてもたいせつにしています。
1 くれた  2 もらった  3 あげた  4 やった
correct answer

⑩ I gave my book Tom, Tom gave me a CD.
私はトムに本を(  )、トムは私にCDを(   )。
1 くれて/あげた  2 あげて/やった  3 もらって/くれた  4 あげて/くれた
correct answer

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