Many highlights in Kyoto

Yasui Konpira-gu in Kyoto Japan

Today, I’ll introduce Yasui Konpira-gu. This shrine is located in Gion and very popular among young people, especially young women. I recommend this shrine for people who want to break with somebody or something. The God in this shrine has very strong power to disengage oneself from an evil association. Even apart from this, If you stop smoking or drinking alcohol, you can pray to God.

<How to pray>
1. You will buy a white paper called (katashiro) .  any sum will do (at least 100yen)
2. you will wright your wishes on a katashiro. Good connection should be written on the right of the katashiro and evil connection written on the left.
3. You will stand in front of  the enkiri Stone ( in Japanese language “表”) holding the katashiro and praying to God so that you can break with a bad connection, and crawling through a hole in a large ema-shaped sone, next, you will stand on the back of the enkiri Stone (in Japanese language “裏”) still holding the katashiro and praying to god so that you can get a good connection, and crawling through a hole again (from back to front).
4. you will stick the katashiro onto the enkiri Stone with glue. you don’t have to bring glue to the shrine. The shrine has glue.

I hope you enjoy the Yasui Konpira_gu when you come to Kyoto.

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Now, Let’s practice Japanese language. Today, we will see how to use a verb with  “ながら=while”.
When we use “while” , we must change verb.

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💚 practice 💚
① Let’s talk while we are walking to the station.
駅まで(   )ながら話しましょう。
1 歩く  2 歩き  3 歩か  4 歩け
correct answer

② why don’t you take a walk eating Icecream.
アイスクリームを(   )ながら公園を散歩しませんか?
1 食べる  2食べり  3 食べ  4 食べれ
correct answer

③ I vacuum while I’m washing .
洗濯(   )ながら掃除もする。
1 する  2 します 3 して  4 し
correct answer

④ I don’t want to see anyone.
誰にも(   )たくないです。
1 会う  2 会え  3 会い  4 会お
correct answer

⑤ Today,  I want to watch a movie, and also go shopping.
今日は映画が(   )たいです。買い物にも(   )たいです。
1 見/行き  2 見る/行き  3 見/行く  4見る/行く
correct answer

⑥ I don’t work so long hours.
あまり長い時間(   )たくないです。
1 働く  2 働き  3 働か  4 働け
correct answer

⑦ I will go back to my country next month.  I want to learn Japanese from now on.
来月、国に帰ります。これからも日本語の勉強が(   )たいです。
1 する  2 し  3 して  4 した
correct answer

⑧  sometimes, I use this machine.
時々、この機械を(   )ことがあります。
1 使え  2 使う  3 使い  4 使って
correct answer

⑨ sometimes, I dine at a restaurant with my family.
時々、家族と一緒にレストランで(   )ことがあります。
1 食事します  2 食事して  3 食事する  4食事し
correct answer

⑩ sometimes, my friends at the office comes to see me.
時々、会社の友達が遊びに(   )ことがあります。
1 来て  2 来いた  3 来る  4 来って
correct answer


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★新しいドメインゲット! 素敵なことが起こる💙

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